A video of Tom Brady apparently being targeted with a laser pointer during Sunday’s AFC championship game emerged on Twitter on Monday, and now the NFL is looking into it.

William Joy, a reporter for Kansas City TV station KMBC, tweeted two videos of the New England quarterback that featured a bright green light dancing across his jersey and helmet at Arrowhead Stadium Sunday.

The clip sparked outrage and discussion online and on Tuesday the NFL confirmed to the Boston Globe that they are looking into the incident. Brian McCarthy, vice president of communications for the league, said that NFL security is taking the lead on the investigation.

Kansas City police said they have not investigated the matter but will if a police report is filed. A Patriots spokesman declined to comment.

Laser pointers are often prohibited from sports venues because of their ability to distract or harm a player or coach.

In 2015, a Lions fan pleaded guilty to shining a laser at Bills quarterback Kyle Orton during a game. He paid a $235 fine and was sentenced to 80 hours of community service. He was also banned from Ford Field and the season-ticket holder who brought him to the game had his tickets revoked.

In 2016, Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler looked to be the target of a large green laser, similar to the one in the Brady videos, as his team faced off against Oakland in Mexico City.

The laser wasn’t the only interference incident during Sunday’s game. A man ran onto the field holding a sign that said “Vote Trump” and “Build the Wall,” according to a KMBC video. He was eventually tackled and removed by stadium security.

The Patriots would go on to beat Kansas City in overtime Sunday, 37-31.