Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has already made his first major offseason acquisition. It’s a new $100 million superyacht, the Lady S, complete with an Imax theater.

The Guardian reported that the 305-foot ship launched in the Netherlands in October and Snyder will take delivery in the spring. The yacht features a helipad, four VIP suites and athletic facilities “to cater to a huge variety of sports including golf, basketball, volleyball and soccer,” according to manufacturer Feadship.

The Imax theater is thought to be the first on a superyacht.

“He wanted an Imax, that was his main request,” Jan-Bart Verkuyl, chief executive of Feadship’s Royal Van Lent shipyard, told the Guardian of the yacht’s owner.

An architect at the firm that helped design the ship said adding the Imax theater, which added an additional $3 million to construction costs, made building the yacht “much more complicated,” the Guardian reported. Builders had to construct the theater, then the rest of the boat around it.

“You couldn’t have sound from the Imax drifting into the cabins next door and, more importantly, you couldn’t have the sound of the engines or vibrations coming into the Imax. If they did we would not get the certification from Imax — and that was the most important thing for the owner."

Snyder isn’t the only NFL owner adding some maritime toys recently. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones bought the $250 million, 357-foot superyacht “Bravo Eugenia.”

It boasts two helipads, plus a spa, gym and beach club. It hosts 14 passengers and 20 crew.

Clearly, there is no salary cap when it comes to superyachts.

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