Saints fans jammed New Orleans on Sunday so they wouldn't have to watch the Super Bowl. Henry A. Jaume Sr. probably would have joined them. (Michael DeMocker/The Times-Picayune/AP)

Henry A. Jaume Sr., a police officer and apparent Saints fan from Louisiana, died Sunday afternoon at the age of 65. How do we know he was a supporter of the NFL franchise from New Orleans? Because his obituary made it a point to mention he was “determined not to watch Super Bowl LIII,” which the Saints infamously missed because of a blown call in the NFC championship game.

Here’s the obit as it appeared in the New Orleans Advocate:

Thousands of Saints fans spent Super Bowl Sunday staging a combination demonstration/celebration in the streets of New Orleans. They were mad about the missed pass interference call in the NFC championship game against the Los Angeles Rams, but they weren’t about to let that stop them from celebrating their team and its accomplishments. Based on his obituary, it sounds as if Jaume — described in his death notice as “charismatic, with a great sense of humor and quick wit” — would have liked to be among the throng that made it a point not to watch Sunday’s game between the Rams and New England Patriots.

Jaume’s obituary joins a growing list of memorably cheeky sports-fan death notices.

— Last year, a Dallas Cowboys fan named Robert Clyde Drew died Jan. 25, “mainly, we suspect, to prevent himself from having to watch the Patriots and Eagles in the Super Bowl,” his obituary read. “He died peacefully with his daughter by his side, knowing full well that Dez, did, in fact, catch the ball.”

— An Illinois woman named Elizabeth Porter Bowman was described in her 2016 obituary as “a lifelong fan of the Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears (except Jay Cutler),” a parting shot at the quarterback who led Chicago to only two playoff games (and just one win) in his eight seasons with the team.

— In 2013, the obituary of a Browns fan named Scott E. Entsminger “respectfully requests six Cleveland Browns pall bearers so the Browns can let him down one last time.” This line was repeated by an Eagles fan in 2017. Before the Eagles ended years of frustration by beating the Patriots in last year’s Super Bowl, a fan named Jeffrey Riegel requested in his obituary to “have 8 Philadelphia Eagles as pallbearers so the Eagles can let him down one last time."

— But none of the above farewells can top the obituary for a Boston-born Indiana resident named Jan Lois Lynch, who died in October. “Jan is survived by her four loving sons, Jeff (Missy) Patterson, Greg (Billie) Patterson, Jake (Emily) Lomax, and Luke (Mabel) Lomax and eight grandchildren whom she loved more than anything else in the world…except the New England Patriots, the Boston Red Sox, Tom Brady, cold Budweiser, room temperature Budweiser, cigarettes, dogs, mopeds, clam chowder, boating, fishing, Florida, the Atlantic Ocean, grouper sandwiches, adventures, road trips, the beach, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, fall foliage, airplane food, ingrown toenails, the OJ chase, and the OJ trial — in that exact order,” it read.

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