Bryce Harper has unfollowed all the Caps except for Braden Holtby. (Nick Wass/Associated Press)

MLB pitchers and catchers have begun reporting to spring training, and most teams will begin their full workouts sometime over the next week. At some point (soon?), Bryce Harper will join one of those teams. Could be the Nats. Or the Giants, Phillies, White Sox or Padres.

Really, no one knows except maybe Harper himself, and he’s being stingy with the details. So we’re left to read the tea leaves, among them the fact that Harper apparently has unfollowed a bunch of Capitals players on Twitter.

“I know a couple of us got the unfollow the other day so I don’t know if that’s writing on the wall or what,” Caps right winger Tom Wilson said in the video posted by NBC4. “He’s been a leader in this city for a long time. I know he kind of jumped the Caps ship with the Vegas bandwagon there with where he’s from, but it’s always been fun, and I’m sure he’s going to make the best decision for him and his family and his future.”

Harper’s NHL fandom has been kind of fluid throughout his life. He supported the Chicago Blackhawks while growing up but hopped on the Capitals’ bandwagon after coming to D.C., a pairing that lasted until his hometown of Las Vegas received an expansion NHL team that started play in 2017. The Golden Knights are his team now, and who can blame him for this latest shift of allegiance?

Not everyone on the Caps got the Twitter kiss-off from Harper: Of the 24 accounts he still follows, one belongs to goalie Braden Holtby, so there’s that. He also still follows the Nats. But one reporter suggested to Wilson that everyone keep track to make sure Harper doesn’t start following any stars from the Philadelphia Flyers or San Jose Sharks: “So if he starts following Claude Giroux and Joe Thornton, we’ll have problems?”

“I know he always keeps it pretty tight, but yeah, that’ll be a hint for sure,” Wilson said.

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