San Diego Fleet running back Terrell Watson escapes the grasp of similarly outfitted Atlanta Legends linebacker Brandon Watts. (Peter Joneleit/Associated Press) (Peter B Joneleit/AP)

The San Diego Fleet and Atlanta Legends closed Week 2 of Alliance of American Football play Sunday night, with the host Fleet scoring 15 fourth-quarter points to earn its first victory, 24-12. Here’s a clip of San Diego’s first touchdown of the season:

Here’s another play, one that was decidedly more fascinating:

As you can see, both teams were sporting dark-colored jerseys, with the Fleet wearing its battleship gray and the Legends in purple. This caused some consternation among the viewing public, as those shades blended together on the broadcast to the point that it was hard to tell which team was which.

The “Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man” meme was deployed with abandon.

This was no accident: Each AAF team gets just one set of uniforms and wears the same outfits on the road as at home. Only one of its teams — the Orlando Apollos — uses white as its predominant jersey color. The rest went with color-based jerseys, from purple (the Legends) to yellow (Arizona Hotshots) to red (San Antonio Commanders) to blue (Memphis Express) to varying shades of gray or black (the Fleet, Birmingham Iron and Salt Lake Stallions). So this issue seems likely to pop up again.

There’s also the issue of the uniforms worn by AAF officials, which seemingly took a whole bunch of design ideas and mashed them together. They’re the Maryland state flag of officials uniforms.

These are minor quibbles for a start-up that’s generating mostly good press over its first couple of weekends. But then again, it can’t be good to have casual television viewers turn on games and find it hard to differentiate between the teams.

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