Tar Heels Coach Roy Williams was helped off the court Saturday night, after suffering what he later said was a vertigo attack during North Carolina’s game at Clemson.

Williams fell near North Carolina’s bench shortly before halftime and did not return for the second half, according to the Associated Press. He appeared at a postgame news conference and explained that he experienced a vertigo episode, Raleigh News & Observer reporter Jonathan M. Alexander wrote on Twitter.

“I just wanted to let y’all know I’m alive,” Williams said after the game, according to ESPN. “I’m not going to croak on anybody. It’s vertigo.”

The AP reports that Williams was seen smiling after the game, an 81-79 Tar Heels win, and shook Clemson Coach Brad Brownell’s hand. He said he felt like he could have returned to the North Carolina bench at the end of the game, according to AP, but the Tar Heels were winning.

“And I didn’t want to jinx it,” he said.

You can see the scene unfold here:

Williams has previously dealt with vertigo concerns, including during a game in 2016. After that incident, which occurred when North Carolina faced Boston College, Williams said he had suffered from vertigo attacks for several years, but that marked the first time he’d suffered one during a game. He had been diagnosed with benign positional vertigo, he said, and attacks can occur when he whirls his head around.

“When I say benign positional vertigo, that’s exactly what it is,” he said in 2016. “Every attack that I’ve had is when I jerk my head quickly, and the little — I call 'em rocks, because my head’s full of rocks — rocks in my middle ear, one of the pebbles gets out of … the alignment, it bounces around on your inner ear, and that’s what causes the imbalance.”

He later added: “I’ll be fine. Not dead yet.”

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