England’s Sam Maxwell surprised France's Sabri Sediri during their WBO European super lighweight championship bout Saturday. (Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

A 25-year-old French boxer learned the hard way, at the wrong end of a fist, that it isn’t over until it’s over.

Sabri Sediri was seemingly on his way to victory Saturday night in a WBO European super lightweight title fight at Morningside Arena Leicester in England. After all, he had knocked down Sam Maxwell twice and, with victory a mere minute away in the 10th round, he staggered Maxwell again.

Then, in an unfortunate decision, Sediri began to enjoy himself. He pantomimed taking a bow and started dancing around, with his hands behind his back at one point, as Maxwell continued to throw punches. With about 14 seconds left, a Maxwell right hit home and sent Sediri sprawling.

With Sediri dazed, the fight was stopped. The TKO victory gave Maxwell the title and, probably, a whole lot of satisfaction.

Maxwell, a 30-year-old fighter from the United Kingdom, came away with the first title in his career; he is 11-0 with nine knockouts. His reaction, on Twitter, was to share video of the final blow, asking, “Are you not entertained?”

“I think he switched off a bit, and I took my chance,” Maxwell said, via ESPN. “I knew it was close. I knew I needed a big last round.”

As for Sediri, well, you never really forget the first loss of your career. He’s now 10-1-1.

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