PHOENIX — NFL owners were not interested in giving teams a fourth-and-15 alternative to the onside kick.

Owners, meeting in Phoenix at the annual league meeting, voted Tuesday to reject a proposal by the Denver Broncos that would have given a team the option, once per game and during the fourth quarter only, to try to retain possession of the football by converting what amounted to a fourth-and-15 play from its own 35-yard line.

The proposal had been endorsed by the rulemaking competition committee by a vote of 7-1. But it apparently was regarded as too gimmicky for some NFL owners and failed to generate the 24 votes among the 32 teams necessary for ratification.

“What are we, the Arena Football League?” New York Giants co-owner John Mara said of the proposal earlier this week, adding that he’d been the lone competition committee member to oppose it.

The proposal would have left the kickoff — and onside kicks — unchanged, but would have given teams a once-per-game alternative to attempting to recover an onside kick. That became a nearly impossible task this past season with the sport’s new safety-related kickoff rules in effect. There were only four successful onside kicks all of last season.

Owners also tabled a proposal by the Kansas City Chiefs to guarantee each team of at least one possession in overtime. That proposal will be reconsidered at the next owners’ meeting in May.