Most of the interesting NFL free agents have been signed, so for the next few weeks, it’s all about draft rumors. And there’s no grist for the rumor mill quite as grist-y as what the Cardinals intend to do at quarterback.

In possession of the No. 1 overall pick, Arizona is widely believed to be intrigued with the notion of using it on quarterback Kyler Murray, the Heisman Trophy winner from Oklahoma. There’s just the small matter of the Cards already having a young quarterback in Josh Rosen, on whom the team spent a top-10 pick last year.

If Arizona puts Rosen on the trade block — assuming it hasn’t done so already — there figures to a market for him, despite his struggles as a rookie. In fact, according to Joel Klatt of Fox Sports 1, three teams are “very interested” in the UCLA product: the Patriots, Giants and Chargers.

One of those teams, Klatt asserted Wednesday on FS1′s “Undisputed,” has already “offered a second-round pick” for Rosen. He didn’t specify which team that was, but he added that the Cardinals were holding out for a first-rounder, although he didn’t think they would “get it.”

So which of those teams has already put a second-round pick on the table? Well, FS1′s Colin Cowherd reportedly claimed Wednesday it was the Giants, who have the 37th overall pick to pony up, not to mention a dire need to find a successor to aging Eli Manning.

SportsNet New York’s (SNY) Ralph Vacchiano reported Wednesday that the Giants “have no idea if Rosen is, or ever will be, available,” but he added that they “are planning to investigate every possible option when it comes to finding their Quarterback of the Future, and that includes a potential trade” for him. However, Vacchiano said sources in the Giants’ organization “don’t even seem sure at the moment whether they’d prefer Rosen … to the quarterbacks in this year’s draft.”

So was it the Chargers, who might want to prepare for life after Philip Rivers, who offered the pick? That was the suggestion from Denver-based NFL reporter Benjamin Allbright, who shared some intel Wednesday.

Not surprisingly, little is known about the Patriots’ degree of interest in Rosen, if any. It is well known, however, that they have the most aging quarterback of all in Tom Brady, who turns 42 in August.

It’s not hard to see a Rosen trade coming together for the Patriots, who can let him learn under Brady for another couple of years, and who might just have the perfect match for the Cardinals’ price in the 32nd and final pick of the first round. They also have two second-rounders this year and three third-rounders, so the Pats can get very creative in any deal, and adding to the intrigue is that New England was reported to have “expressed interest” in Rosen before last year’s draft.

Naturally, this is all exceedingly tenuous at best, particularly given that, as noted, it’s not yet clear that the Cardinals are actually keen on trading Rosen. That said, there is a tremendous amount of smoke around Rosen for there not to be any fire at all.

Redskins Coach Jay Gruden, whose team might very well be looking for a young, inexpensive quarterback to groom, said recently that Rosen was “not available.” Of course, he has tampering charges to consider, and those kinds of comments can be parsed in any number of ways, including the possibility that the Cardinals are listening to any offers for Rosen that might be coming their way but are not yet actively shopping him.

According to NBC Sports Washington on Wednesday, Redskins officials “have expressed reluctance to give up their first-round pick.” In that light, Gruden might just have been sending a message to the Cardinals that he considers Rosen “not available” unless Arizona drops its asking price.

Oh, the potential scenarios — and just think, the NFL draft is still four weeks away. That leaves plenty of time to try to read the tea leaves on the fates of Rosen and Murray, and anyone who thinks that NFL executives aren’t feverishly engaged in the same pursuit needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

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