A sharpshooter with sharper vision. (Jeff Chiu)

Imagine if, in the middle of his career, Usain Bolt discovered he’d been sprinting with fallen arches and helped fix the problem with orthotics. A similar scenario has apparently occurred with Steph Curry, who recently began wearing contact lenses.

Yes, that Steph Curry. Arguably the greatest shooter in NBA history, Curry, it turns out, has been draining threes all this time while dealing with suboptimal eyesight.

“It’s like the whole world has opened up," the NBA’s career leader in free throw percentage said to The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson II, in comments published Wednesday.

That sounds like great news for Curry and the Warriors — and horrific news for the rest of the NBA. If the two-time league MVP was able to shoot with such uncanny accuracy before he improved his vision, how unstoppable will he be now?

Opponents have already gotten a taste. After emerging from the all-star break in a shooting slump — Curry hit just 38 of 115 three-point attempts, for a .330 percentage, between Feb. 23 and March 13 — he said he “started wearing contacts.”

The results have been dramatic, as Curry, in nine games since then, has gone 56 of 125 for a .487 percentage. That includes a blistering .542 rate on 59 three-point attempts over his past five contests and, not surprisingly, Golden State has gone 7-2 in that nine-game span.

Curry, 31 and in his 10th NBA season, said he had been dealing with a condition called Keratoconus (KC), in which the cornea thins and bulges from its circular shape into a more cone-like shape. That distorts vision and leads to astigmatism, as light is prevented from being focused correctly on the retina.

To cope with his issue, Curry had developed a habit of squinting, and it apparently worked well enough for him not to have taken any further measures. “I had gotten so used to squinting for so long,” he told Thompson. “It was just normal.”

However, the slump compelled Curry to try out specialized contact lenses, and the results have been impressive. Assuming the NBA now has a new and improved Warriors superstar on its hands, it could be very hard to see any other team winning the title this year.

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