It’s the schlockiest, sappiest moment in nearly a month of compelling basketball and, it’s okay to admit it, you’re here for “One Shining Moment.” We all are, especially when the NCAA men’s tournament championship goes into overtime and eyelids get sooooo heavy.

So here is the montage (the one time of the year we get to use that word), in all its glory. There’s a ton of Duke and freshman Zion Williamson, of course, and the NFL MVP, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, makes an appearance, too, cheering on Texas Tech in the title game.

The night, and the song, belonged to Virginia, though, and not to Mahomes and Texas Tech as the Cavaliers came away with their first title, winning 85-77 in overtime.

The song, sung by Luther Vandross, was composed by David Barrett in 1986 and he claimed that CBS had planned to use it after Super Bowl XXI. Instead, it turned up a little later, when Indiana won the NCAA basketball title by beating Syracuse.

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