The mock is back. (David Cannon / Getty Images)

Tiger Woods wasn’t kidding.

He really did show up for the first round of play in the Masters on Thursday with a retro look, sporting a mock turtleneck that was an homage to the grand ol’ days of Tigermania.

“I thought it was a pretty neat look back in the day,” Woods joked Tuesday. “I was probably in a little better shape back in those days, but I had won events wearing the mock, and I’ve always enjoyed wearing them.”

There was an April 1 buzz that Woods would be sporting the retro look made memorable when he wore a red shirt in the same style when he last won the Masters, in 2005. Back then, Woods ruled the world of golf and some of his current
competitors dressed just like him way back when.

Justin Thomas was 11 when Woods won that Masters and he went mock as a lad, although he added, “I definitely didn’t fill it out very well. When I was that age, I wanted to do anything he did, so it’s no coincidence I wore something like that.”

So did Brooks Koepka, who is also a Nike client. He was a little older, 14, when Woods won his fourth Masters, in 2005. “I remember I definitely went on to Nike’s website and bought a few of them — probably bought the red one. Yeah, I probably had four or five of them when I was a kid. Everything always comes back into style, right?”

At the Masters, though, the look ($85 online) will belong only to Woods, for whom Nike has mocked up versions in several colors — including that trademark Sunday red. “Everything we do for Tiger,” Nike said (via Golf Digest), “is just for him.”

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