Damian Lillard called it “the last word.” Maybe. But for the crowd in Portland, for NBA fans across the country, and even for other NBA players, it was sheer fandemonium when the Trail Blazers’ star let fly a 37-foot game-winning shot over Paul George on Tuesday night, beating the buzzer and Oklahoma City. The shot gave Portland a 118-115 win and a 4-1 series victory. It gave Lillard 50 points. And it gave these NBA playoffs their first true viral moment.

Lillard’s teammates and everyone not in a Thunder uniform erupted inside the arena, engulfing him and showering him with assorted beverages. “There’s been a lot of back and forth, a lot of talk,” Lillard said afterward. “That [shot] was the last word. That was having the last word.”

Actually, the words were only beginning. It was one of those moments when, to paraphrase Jack Buck, you could not believe what you just saw as Dame Time — a moniker he acquired as a teen — was in full flower.

At least one player could relate. (Publicly, anyway.) Chandler Parsons, now with the Memphis Grizzlies, had a front-row seat in 2014 when Lillard’s three-pointer at the buzzer gave the Blazers a 99-98 win over the Houston Rockets and a 4-2 win in the first round of the playoffs.

Lillard handled his dagger of a game-winner coolly, with a wave and a stare, a fitting way to end a particularly chippy first-round playoff series.

“The game, the series was over and that was it,” Lillard said. “And I was just waving goodbye to them. I think after Game 3, Dennis Schroder was out there pointing to his wrist, they was out there doing all these celebrations and doing all these stuff. We kept our composure and after one win that’s what they decided to do. And we was just like, ‘Okay, what we want to do is win four games.’ And then when we win those four games, there’s not going to be nothing to talk about."

He was very wrong. He made sure there was plenty to talk about.

The Blazers themselves had perhaps the sickest burn of the evening with a shot at Russell Westbrook’s “next question” shot at an Oklahoman columnist whose questions he scorns.

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