Karen Gillan in a scene from "Avengers: Endgame." If you want to know more, ask LeSean McCoy. (Disney / Marvel Studios via AP)

In fairness to LeSean McCoy, what did you think the movie would be about with a title like “Avengers: Endgame”?

You had to know that things were going to be grim for our heroes. That said, we have to pile onto the Buffalo Bills running back because he was a lean, mean spoiling machine after seeing the blockbuster movie shortly following its premier. Now, we don’t want to ruin this, so we won’t reveal what he revealed as we explain that he was really, really unpopular among his 730,000 followers. (Feel free to read his tweet here if you like your moviegoing experience spoiled.)

Thanks to his misspelling, his tweet also circumvented users’ attempts to block spoilers about specific characters. Oof.

“This movie messed up my whole weekend,” he lamented on Instagram (again, don’t click here if you don’t want to know).

He thinks his weekend was messed up?

Some people are hoping that bad things befall the Bills this season.

McCoy found himself trending on Twitter and not in a good way. He also was the subject of a Change.org petition calling for the Bills to terminate his contract. (So far, 194 people are on board.) Double/Triple/Quadruple warning: McCoy’s spoilers are still up on his social media accounts.

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