The handling of protagonist Jon Snow (Kit Harington), right, was particularly vexing for many athletes. (Helen Sloan/HBO)

Warning: If you haven’t watched the final episode of “Game of Thrones,” you’ll encounter some spoilers below.

So, how about that series finale for “Game of Thrones”? Well, if you thought that it was about as satisfying as Brienne’s relationship with Jaime, then you weren’t alone.

It appeared Sunday evening that NFL and NBA players were also of the opinion that the conclusion of the epic HBO show left something to be desired. Or, as the Brooklyn Nets’ Jared Dudley put it, “Boooooooooooooooooooo.”

Former defensive end Chris Long, who used Twitter on Saturday to announce his retirement, returned to the social-media platform the next day and made it clear that he was not impressed with how the hit program wrapped up. Unless, perhaps, “projectile vomiting” suggests contentment? No, probably not.

Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson also used a GIF to express his displeasure, as did the Charlotte Hornets’ Frank Kaminsky. Neither player left it at that, though.

Kaminsky got a bit more specific with his criticism, telling his Twitter followers, “Classic case of letting the prisoner choose the next King. What amazing writing right there. This last season is A-- CHEEKS.”

“I went into this episode knowing it was going to be bad,” added the forward. “I didn’t know it could become this bad. This is next level a--ery.”

The episode wasn’t even over before free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant began to complain about it, tweeting, “I’m really upset about game [of] thrones right now!!!!!” He followed that with, “The way Jon snow is going out is very very very very very very lame!!!!!!”

To a Twitter user who said of the show’s producers that “they ruined a great story in 6 episodes,” Bryant wholeheartedly agreed. “Man I 100000000000% AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!” he tweeted, and he retweeted another person who griped, “Stupidest episode was the last episode of course. I want EIGHT YEARS of my life back.”

Bryant wasn’t the only NFL player expressing some issues with the handling of Jon Snow, a.k.a. Aegon Targaryen, who had the clearest claim to the Iron Throne (or, as it became, the Molten Puddle) but who was exiled up North with nary a peep about his regal heritage.

“Jon Snow deserved better! Us as fans deserved better!” tweeted Detroit Lions cornerback Quandre Diggs. When he asked, “And didn’t nobody mention that Jon really the king?” Chiefs linebacker Darron Lee replied, “My whole point exactly! Why even reveal it on the show if it didn’t matter anyway?”

For the Sacramento Kings’ Buddy Hield, “GoT” would have been better off just ending with Arya’s assassination of the Night King. “Episode 3 should have been the last one,” he tweeted.

At least some athletes did, in fact, stick up for the show, including Malcolm Miller of the Toronto Raptors, who must have wasted very little time catching up after his team defeated the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals. That contest went to double overtime and didn’t end until well after the “GoT” finale began airing, but Miller — who didn’t get any playing time in the game — was able to hop on Twitter late Sunday night to ask, “Oh y’all wanted some happy ending? Have you learned nothing watching this show all this time?”

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