As they continue to lose ground in the National League East race, the Nationals and Mets deserve each other and the inane feud that has played out over the past two days between Washington outfielder Adam Eaton and New York infielder Todd Frazier.

To recap: Eaton and Frazier, who were teammates for one full season with the White Sox in 2016 and yelled at each other across the infield during a game last August, exchanged words again at Citi Field on Monday after Eaton grounded into a double play to end the Nationals’ half of the third inning.

“He’s very childish," Eaton said of Frazier after Washington’s 5-3 loss. “I’m walking with my head down, play’s over, I’m walking away. I can still hear him. I’m a 30-year-old man with two kids, got a mortgage and everything. He wants to loud talk as he’s running off the field. At the end of the day, I got to be a man about it. I tried to stay patient with the childishness, but it is what it is.”

Frazier wasn’t interested in addressing the spat on Monday night, but after learning of Eaton’s comments, he felt the need to respond Tuesday.

“That’s him," Frazier told reporters in the Mets’ clubhouse before Tuesday’s game. “At the end of the day, you think about what a man really is. We settle stuff out in the field, we don’t really talk about it. That’s basically what I do. Back in the day, that’s how you would usually settle it. I didn’t really want to talk about it, but I heard what he said."

Frazier said his feud with Eaton dated back to something that happened during their time as teammates in Chicago, but wouldn’t go into specifics. He also offered the Nationals outfielder some unsolicited financial advice.

“Men usually settle [differences] on the field, we don’t need to talk about it, but, you know, he started it, coming at me with that kind of, ‘I’m a man, I’ve got a mortgage to pay and two kids,’ ” Frazier said. "Pay off your mortgage, I don’t know what to tell you.”

Frazier suggested that Eaton’s “immaturity” prompted Monday’s dust-up.

“If you know Adam, every team he’s been on, you hear what people say, you understand that,” Frazier said. "I was part of it for a year and a half. … He understands where I’m coming from. He knows the past history and he’s going to have to take it. That’s it. I said my piece and I’m done with it now unless something stirs up. That’s about it.”

Eaton, who clarified Tuesday that he doesn’t actually have a mortgage, laughed when a reporter relayed some of Frazier’s comments.

“What happened in 2016?” Eaton said. “He’s like an old girlfriend. I’m not going to bring it up. It’s very childish, honestly. You guys care what happened in 2016? This is 2019, guys. Like I said, I’ve had a kid since then, bought a house, cars. Come on, let’s go. It’s funny. I don’t know why he’s bringing it up.”