Aaron Rodgers, left, might have a few more things to say to Mitchell Trubisky after the next Packers-Bears game. (Nam Y. Huh/AP)

Okay, maybe Aaron Rodgers isn’t the greatest at throwing back some suds.

However, the Green Bay Packers’ star showed that he was more than capable of firing back at other NFL quarterbacks who have been intent on showing off their own beer-chugging prowess.

“For some of them, there’s finally a talent where they can say they are better than me,” Rodgers declared Tuesday on a Wisconsin sports-radio station.

No word yet on whether the two-time NFL MVP performed his discount double-check move in celebration of the vicious line. He has to take his victories where he can these days, though, in light of his embarrassing display last month.

While attending a Bucks playoff game, he was challenged to join teammate David Bakhtiari in chugging a beer and, well, Rodgers didn’t exactly prove to be among Milwaukee’s best.

Note that, in the video, Bakhtiari actually pounded two full beers in quick succession while Rodgers was unable to get through one not-full cup. Of course, Bakhtiari is a beefy offensive lineman, so perhaps it wasn’t a fair fight, but it didn’t help Rodgers’s case that, during the same game, Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich made short work of what was left in his cup.

Since then, beer-chugging has become something of a thing among NFL quarterbacks, starting that very evening with an NFC North rival of Rodgers, Matthew Stafford. The Detroit Lions signal caller was shown showing how it’s done, with the Bucks playoff game very noticeably on in the background.

At that point, it was on like Donkey Kong with a beer bong. Wherever an NFL quarterback has appeared at a recent sporting event, it seems, he has taken it upon himself to take no longer with lager than absolutely necessary.

That group includes the reigning NFL MVP, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as another NFC North quarterback, the Chicago Bears’ Mitchell Trubisky. The Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen showed he was not to be outdone, chugging a beer on his way to picking up a trophy for winning a home run derby at a team-related charity softball game.

In fairness, the average age of those three quarterbacks is 23.3, and it only goes up to 25.25 if Stafford is included. By contrast, Rodgers is 35, well past his prime party-hearty years.

On the other hand, Tom Brady is 41 and famously finicky about what he puts in his body, and even he showed last year that he could chug a beer as easily as he could read a defense.

But has Brady appeared on “Game of Thrones” and crushed it on “Celebrity Jeopardy”? All right, then.

In any event, if other quarterbacks, particularly in Rodgers’s division, want to spend the offseason pouring beers down their throats while he pores over his playbook, all the better for him, right?

Rodgers has also been spending some time on social media, and his recent “like” of a tweet by a longtime Packers reporter hinted at where he might have gotten the idea for his crack about “talent.”

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