Charles Barkley claimed Tuesday that the Golden State Warriors were to blame for Kevin Durant’s Achilles’ injury in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

But on Twitter, Richard Sherman — who suffered a ruptured Achilles’ tendon in 2017 while playing for the Seattle Seahawks — offered another viewpoint, making the case that professional athletes understand the risks.

“We fully know our bodies and what we are risking especially at the professional level,” Sherman tweeted. “I am sure there were attempts to persuade him to continue to wait. He’s built different than the [people] saying he shouldn’t have played. Maybe that’s why they haven’t gotten where he is.”

That contrasted with Barkley’s position, which he stated earlier in the day on ESPN’s “Get Up.”

“I don’t think you can ever leave it up to a player," the TNT analyst and Hall of Fame basketball player said.

Durant was played Monday night for the first time since May 8, when he had suffered a calf strain in the Western Conference semifinals.

“To put a guy who hasn’t played basketball in over a month into Game 5 of the Finals, and had some type of move-around the day before, I don’t think that’s fair to that man," Barkley said.

“That’s unfair to put him in that situation,” Barkley added, “and the proof is in the pudding, plain and simple.”

After Game 5, Golden State General Manager Bob Myers wiped away tears while discussing Durant’s condition. Myers also showed he was aware of the finger-pointing to come, telling reporters: “I understand this world. If you have to, you can blame me. I run our basketball operations department.”

There was plenty of blame to go around Tuesday.

On ESPN, Barkley seemed to suggest media reports may have influenced Durant, who is known to closely monitor social media and, at least occasionally, bristle at criticism.

“If you go back and look at the last two weeks — the article comes out, KD’s ‘worst nightmare’ that the Warriors are winning without him,” he said. “Then you come out, you read the articles: the Warriors are really unhappy that KD won’t risk his Achilles’. They’re frustrated with KD.

“Now this man has to be feeling some type of way, so I blame the Warriors for KD getting hurt, and I don’t care what they say about it,” Barkley continued. "They shouldn’t have put that man out there. You know how I know it? Because he blew out his Achilles'.”

To Sherman, though, even at “60%,” Durant simply “felt he could help his team and he did.” Before getting injured early in the second quarter Monday, the all-star forward gave his team a lift against the Raptors in Toronto, hitting three of five shots and scoring 11 points.

“It really frustrates me listening to current and former players act like anyone could have kept KD from playing last night," Sherman tweeted.

“Every single athlete worth their weight dreams of playing in the Championship game of their sport,” added the cornerback, now with the San Francisco 49ers, “and most of us are making that same decision!”

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