NBA free agency is nearly over. But there are still things happening, especially now that Kawhi Leonard has been scooped up.

Keep checking back: This story will update with the latest rumors, signings and deals.

Latest rumblings

  • DeMarcus Cousins agrees with the Lakers (July 6): With the NBA world still turned upside down on the heels of the Clippers’ acquisition of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the last of the remaining big-name free agents has finally made his move. ESPN reports that DeMarcus Cousins, the odd man out since free agency began last weekend, has agreed to a one-year deal with the L.A. Lakers worth $3.5 million. The terms have yet to be announced, but Cousins, in the midst of a slow market for his services, changed agents on Wednesday. It took three more days, but his new representation has gotten him a deal in which he will re-join former Pelicans teammate Anthony Davis in L.A. in a consolation prize for the Lakers after they lost out on Leonard.
  • Which teams have money left to spend and which free agents are still available? (July 2): After the explosion of spending around the league, only four teams have more than $10 million in cap room left to throw at free agents: The Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers ($32 million each), Dallas Mavericks ($22 million) and Atlanta Hawks ($14 million). That means only the Los Angeles teams have room left to offer a max contract. There is only one max-level player remaining, Kawhi Leonard, whose incumbent Toronto Raptors can exceed the cap to re-sign him, making this a three-team race. Beyond Leonard, the market thins considerably. Multiple teams have midlevel money left. DeMarcus Cousins, with his baggage and injury issues, is probably the next best talent available (though a very plugged-in ESPN reporter says “there is not a market for him”), followed by these names in any order (several are restricted free agents): Danny Green, Willie Cauley-Stein, Marcus and Markieff Morris, Jabari Parker, JaMychal Green, Delon Wright, Kelly Oubre Jr., Avery Bradley, Noah Vonleh, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Emmanuel Mudiay, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Quinn Cook, Cheick Diallo, Trey Lyles, Rajon Rondo.
  • 76ers offer Ben Simmons a max deal (July 2): Philadelphia, already having a great offseason, is looking to lock up a primary core piece. The deal is worth more than $170 million over five years, per ESPN, and is expected top be agreed upon. In his second season, Simmons made his first all-star team last year, averaging 16.9 points, 8.8 rebounds and 7.7 assists per game.
  • Lakers and Clippers wait on Kawhi Leonard, possibly to their own peril (July 1): With most of the top-level free agents gone, and a lot of the second- and third-tier guys agreeing to deals as well, the Los Angeles teams are stuck watching their backup options dwindle if Leonard doesn’t sign with their franchise. The No. 1 free agent in this year’s class had a call with Magic Johnson, but as is his way, there is no insight into whether he’s California-bound or sticking with Toronto. Fellow free agent and Raptors/Spurs teammate Danny Green, who has drawn serious from Dallas and other teams, is reportedly waiting on Leonard’s decision before making his own. Seth Curry, a Lakers target, agreed to sign with the Mavericks on Monday.
  • Heat complete deal for Jimmy Butler (July 1): Miami’s sign-and-trade for Jimmy Butler had some hiccups, but the team finally completed it Monday as part of a four-team deal. To clear up the necessary space to absorb Butler’s new four-year, $142 million contract, the Heat will send mercurial center Hasaan Whiteside to the Trail Blazers and Josh Richardson to the 76ers (as expected Sunday night), according to ESPN. Meanwhile, the Blazers are sending forward Meyers Leonard to the Heat and forward Mo Harkless to the Clippers, who get the Heat’s 2023 first-round pick as part of their troubles for taking Harkless’s $11 million salary. Based on their high payroll, the Heat seemed like a long shot to land a star player at the start of free agency, but it figured out a way to get its man.

Confirmed deals

July 2:

  • Rodney McGruder to Clippers. Three years, $15 million. (Yahoo Sports)
  • Wilson Chandler to Nets. Terms unknown. (Yahoo Sports)
  • Emmanuel Mudiay to Jazz. One year, terms unknown. (ESPN)
  • Jared Dudley to Lakers. One year, $2.6 million. (ESPN)
  • Jeff Green to Jazz. One year, $2.5 million. (ESPN)
  • Noah Vonleh to Timberwolves. One year, $2 million. (The Athletic)
  • James Ennis re-signs with 76ers. Two years, $4.1 million. (The Athletic)
  • Willie Cauley-Stein to Warriors. Terms unknown. (Yahoo Sports)
  • Dorian Finney-Smith re-signs with Mavericks. Three years, $12 million. (The Athletic)
  • Daniel Theis re-signs with Celtics. Two years, $10 million. (ESPN)

July 1:

  • Isaiah Thomas to Wizards. One year, minimum. (ESPN)
  • Kevon Looney re-signs with Warriors. Three years, $15 million (The Athletic)
  • Jordan Bell to Timberwolves. Terms unknown. (Yahoo)
  • Tim Frazier to Pistons. One year, $2 million. (Yahoo)
  • Anthony Tolliver to Trail Blazers. One year, $2.6 million. (The Athletic)
  • Frank Kaminsky to Suns. Two years, $10 million. (ESPN)
  • Wesley Matthews to Bucks. One year, terms unknown. (ESPN)
  • Richaun Holmes to Kings. Two years, $10 million. (The Athletic)
  • JJ Barea re-signs with Mavericks. One year, veteran’s minimum. (The Athletic)
  • Enes Kanter to Celtics. Two years, $10 million. (The Athletic)
  • Maxi Kleber re-signs with Mavericks. Four years, $35 million. (The New York Times)
  • Elfrid Payton to Knicks. Two years, $16 million. (The Athletic)
  • Troy Daniels to Lakers. One year, $2.1 million. (The Athletic)
  • Austin Rivers re-signs with Rockets. Two years, terms unknown. (ESPN)
  • Seth Curry to Mavericks. Four years, $32 million. (ESPN)
  • Patrick Beverley re-signs with Clippers. Three years, $40 million. (ESPN)
  • Tomas Satoransky to Bulls. Three years, $30 million (sign and trade). (ESPN)
  • Ish Smith to Wizards. Two years, $12 million. (The Athletic)
  • Wayne Ellington to Knicks. Two years, $16 million. (ESPN)
  • Michael Carter-Williams re-signs with Magic. One-year deal, terms unknown. (ESPN)
  • Cory Joseph to Kings. Three years, $37 million. (Yahoo)
  • Reggie Bullock to Knicks. Two years, $21 million. (The Athletic)

June 30:

  • Kevin Durant to Nets. Four years, $164 million. (ESPN)
  • Klay Thompson re-signing with Warriors. Five years, $190 million. (New York Times)
  • Kyrie Irving to Nets. Four years, $142 million. (The Athletic)
  • Jimmy Butler to the Heat (sign and trade, with Josh Richardson headed to the 76ers and multiple players to the Mavericks). Four years, $142 million (The Athletic)
  • D’Angelo Russell to the Warriors (sign and trade). Four years, $117 million. (ESPN)
  • Kemba Walker to Celtics. Four years, $141 million. (ESPN)
  • Kristaps Porzingis re-signs with Mavericks. Five years, $158 million. (New York Times)
  • Nikola Vucevic re-signs with Magic. Four years, $100 million. (New York Times)
  • Al Horford to the 76ers. Four years, $97 million guaranteed, with $12 million in possible bonuses. (ESPN)
  • Malcolm Brogdon to Pacers (sign and trade). Four years, $85 million. (ESPN)
  • Tobias Harris re-signs with 76ers. Five years, $180 million. (ESPN)
  • Bojan Bogdanovic to Jazz. Four years, $73 million. (ESPN)
  • Derrick Favors to Pelicans (trade). (ESPN)
  • Ricky Rubio to Suns. Three years, $51 million. (The Athletic)
  • Harrison Barnes re-signs with Kings. Four years, $85 million. (ESPN)
  • Terry Rozier to Hornets (sign and trade). Three years, $58 million. (The Athletic)
  • Thaddeus Young to Bulls. Three years, $41 million. (Yahoo)
  • DeAndre Jordan to Nets. Four years, $40 million. (ESPN)
  • George Hill re-signs with Bucks. Three years, $29 million. (The Athletic)
  • Jeremy Lamb to Pacers. Three years, $31.5 million. (The Athletic)
  • JJ Redick to Pelicans. Two years, $26.5 million. (ESPN)
  • Jonas Valanciunas re-signs with Grizzlies. Three years, $45 million. (ESPN)
  • Khris Middleton re-signs with Bucks. Five years, $178 million. (ESPN)
  • Julius Randle to Knicks. Three years, $63 million. (ESPN)
  • Derrick Rose to Pistons. Two years, $15 million. (ESPN)
  • Thomas Bryant re-signs with Wizards. Three years, $25 million. (ESPN)
  • Rodney Hood re-signs with Blazers. Two years, $16 million. (ESPN)
  • Al-Farouq Aminu to Magic. Three years, $29 million. (ESPN)
  • DeMarre Carroll to Spurs. Two years, $13 million. (The Athletic)
  • Mike Scott re-signs with 76ers. Two years, $9.8 million. (The Athletic)
  • Trevor Ariza to Kings. Two years, $25 million. (The Athletic)
  • Brook Lopez re-signs with Bucks. Four years, $52 million. (ESPN)
  • Terrence Ross re-signs with Magic. Four years, $54 million. (ESPN)
  • Nerlens Noel re-signs with Thunder. Terms unknown. (ESPN)
  • Dwight Powell re-signs with Mavericks. Three years, $33 million. (New York Times)
  • Dewayne Dedmon to Kings. Three years, $41 million. (The Athletic)
  • Rudy Gay re-signs with Spurs. Two years, $32 million. (The Athletic)
  • Taj Gibson to Knicks. Two years, $20 million. (ESPN)
  • Ed Davis to Jazz. Two years, $10 million. (ESPN)
  • Garrett Temple to Nets. Two years, $10 million. (ESPN)
  • Damian Lillard extended by Blazers. Fours years, $196 million. (The Athletic)
  • Robin Lopez to the Bucks. Terms unknown. (Yahoo)
  • Gerald Green re-signs with Rockets. One-year, terms unknown. (ESPN)
  • Nicolo Melli to Pelicans. Two years, $8 million. (ESPN)
  • Danuel House re-signs with Rockets. Three years, $11.1 million. (ESPN)
  • Mario Hezonja to the Trail Blazers. Two years, second year player option. (ESPN)
  • Mike Muscala to the Thunder. Terms unknown. (ESPN)
  • Bobby Portis to the Knicks. Two years, $31 million (ESPN)

Top 30 free agents

The Washington Post’s 2019 NBA free agent rankings considered the following factors: age, health, team role, 2018-19 stats, contribution to winning, transferability of skills, off-court intangibles, postseason impact, anticipated earning power and projected production during the forthcoming contract period, among other factors.

RFA=restricted free agent

1. Kawhi Leonard

The 2019 Finals MVP is this summer’s true power broker: a return to Toronto would cement the Raptors as 2020′s early title favorites, while a cross-country move to Los Angeles would transform the West.

2. Kevin Durant — agreed to sign with Nets (June 30)

3. Jimmy Butler — agreed to sign-and-trade with Heat (June 30)

4. Kristaps Porzingis (RFA) — agreed to re-sign with Mavericks (June 30)

5. Kyrie Irving — agreed to sign with Nets (June 30)

6. Nikola Vucevic — agreed to re-sign with Magic (June 30)

7. Kemba Walker — agreed to sign with Celtics (June 30)

8. Klay Thompson — agreed to re-sign with Warriors (June 30)

9. D’Angelo Russell — agreed to sign-and-trade with Warriors (June 30)

10. Khris Middleton — agreed to re-sign with Bucks (June 30)

11. Tobias Harris — agreed to re-sign with 76ers (June 30)

12. Al Horford — agreed to sign with 76ers (June 30)

13. Brook Lopez — agreed to re-sign with Bucks (June 30)

14. Malcolm Brogdon (RFA) — agreed to sign with Pacers (June 30)

15. Bojan Bogdanovic — agreed to sign with Jazz (June 30)

16. DeMarcus Cousins

The four-time all-star center probably will be greeted by a skeptical marketplace given that he has yet to return to full health after suffering an Achilles’ injury in 2018 and a quadriceps injury during the 2019 playoffs with Golden State.

17. Thaddeus Young — agreed to sign with Bulls (June 30)

18. Julius Randle — agreed to sign with Knicks (June 30)

19. DeAndre Jordan — agreed to sign with Nets (June 30)

20. Patrick Beverley — agreed to re-sign with Clippers (July 1)

21. Jonas Valanciunas — agreed to re-sign with Grizzlies (June 30)

22. JJ Redick — agreed to sign with Pelicans (June 30)

23. Harrison Barnes — agreed to re-sign with Kings (June 30)

24. Ricky Rubio — agreed to sign with Suns (June 30)

25. Nikola Mirotic — agreed to return to Europe (June 30)

26. Marcus Morris

Even though Morris’s bark is often worse than his bite, the physical combo forward spaces the court reasonably well and has logged hundreds of playoff minutes over the past two years.

27. Danny Green

A resurgent campaign in Toronto for the 31-year-old three-and-D wing paid off with his second ring, and it should net him one more sizable payday this summer.

28. Rudy Gay — agreed to re-sign with Spurs (June 30)

29. Jeremy Lamb — agreed to sign with Pacers (June 30)

30. Terrence Ross — agreed to re-sign with Magic (June 30)

Ben Golliver, national NBA reporter

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