A funny thing happened when J.J. Watt, a Wisconsin native, got to fulfill one of his long-held dreams Monday morning by riding a bicycle belonging to a young fan during Green Bay Packers training camp.

Funny, unless it was your bike. Because, as it turns out, bad things happen to kids’ bikes when 288-pound football players attempt to ride them.

Every year, players at Lambeau Field greet young fans and ride their bikes from the locker room to the practice field. Watt was eager to join the parade, with the Texans working out this week in Green Bay ahead of Thursday night’s game.

So Watt grabbed a bike belonging to 5-year-old Biraj Sadhu. It put up a good fight.

“Okay, it’s not big-man approved,” Watt joked (via the Houston Chronicle), picking up the bike and carrying it the rest of the way as Biraj accompanied him, carrying Watt’s helmet.

As he later tweeted, the “poor bike never stood a chance.”

And all is good with Biraj, who is getting new wheels.

“We got my man Biraj all set up to get a new one,” Watt added. “No worries!”

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