The New England Patriots played a road game Sunday at FedEx Field … technically.

In truth, Patriots fans rivaled Washington Redskins backers in both their numbers and the decibels of their support.

“That was ridiculous,” Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said after New England’s 33-7 win. “I thought it was pretty amazing. That felt like a home game. Probably from the time that we got to the hotel … till we ran in after the game, that was pretty sweet. We appreciate all the support down here. It’s good to come down here and get a win in front of them.”

With the Redskins winless and local interest in the franchise waning, the Patriots became the latest visiting team to have a home-away-from-home experience in Landover.

“It was amazing … Surprising and overwhelming,” Coach Bill Belichick said. “It was great seeing that. We appreciate the support from all our traveling Patriot fans. Or maybe they’re from here. I don’t know. It was great to see them. That’s awesome.”

Patriots fans chanted Brady’s name late in the comfortable victory. Wide receiver Josh Gordon said the Patriots “most definitely” heard the support and did what they could to use it to their competitive advantage.

“It was confusion, I would say,” Gordon said. “It felt like a home game, just like Foxborough. It was great to have that support, our fans traveling. Maybe we got some converted Redskin fans. But it was awesome.”

It was debatable whether the level of support Sunday for the Patriots surpassed what some other visiting teams, notably the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles, have generated at FedEx Field in the past. But as the Redskins struggle, visiting fans from the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears and now the Patriots have been heard loudly and clearly in Landover this season. Patriots fans dressed in Brady jerseys could be seen practically everywhere in the parking lots before the game.

“It was awesome to come in here, even driving in compared to last week going to Buffalo and we weren’t greeted nicely,” safety Devin McCourty said. “Coming here today, we saw a lot of Patriots jerseys, a lot of fans in the stadium. So that’s always a plus. You come on the road and you’ve got a lot of fans and a lot of people traveling to support you. We really appreciate that as a team.”

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