The official holdout of Washington Redskins left tackle Trent Williams has stretched over four months now. It has gone through a mandatory minicamp, training camp and the season’s first five games. A little more than a week ago he reached the point at which the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement permits the team to keep all of his 2019 bonus money.

Williams already has lost more than $4 million in game checks in addition to the $1.5 million of bonus money. If he doesn’t return by Week 10, he will not get credit for a year toward free agency.

But Williams has given no indication that he plans to return. The team is operating as if he won’t come back, and Redskins President Bruce Allen said after firing coach Jay Gruden on Monday that he is not considering trading the seven-time Pro Bowl player.

“He is not here and really there has been no dialogue with any other team,” Allen said.

One person with knowledge of the situation said Allen is responsible for managing the team’s response to Williams’s holdout and that he has convinced owner Daniel Snyder to let Williams miss enough paychecks that he will eventually return. The same person said Allen has refused to consider trading Williams, believing the team’s top offensive player will eventually return.

Allen and Gruden both had said they expect Williams to come back.

Williams has given few public signs about his intentions or the reason he is holding out. Several people who know him say he is unhappy with the franchise’s handling of a growth on his head last offseason that led to a cancer scare. He is said to be cancer-free but does not seem willing to come back to the team even with the promotion of his position coach, Bill Callahan, to interim head coach.

“He hasn’t been here, so there’s really nothing to talk about in that regard,” Callahan said Monday. “Basically we’ll see how it all plays out, but going forward, we’re just playing and working with the players that we have.”

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