Lost in a flurry of roster moves early this week was a note that the Washington Redskins signed Michael Burton, a 27-year-old fifth-round draft pick in 2015 by the Detroit Lions. What makes Burton most interesting is the position he plays: fullback.

Washington has not used a fullback recently. Former coach Jay Gruden talked about it at times, but ultimately the team always went with more conventional running backs, following a trend that has seen fewer fullbacks in today’s game. Interim coach Bill Callahan likes fullbacks, however, which is why Burton is on the roster.

“That was good work for us, and we kind of like it. You can run the ball more physically up inside . . . and I think it just gives you a totally different dimension,” Callahan said.

Callahan said he has had a fullback on most of his teams, and finds that it adds a dynamic, less predictable element to an offense. The presence of a fullback, he thinks, can lead to more chunk-yardage plays — something the Redskins haven’t been able to do enough in the last couple years.

“I think you do as many things as you can to keep the linebackers at bay, keep them honest and make them bite on the run a little heavier and then open up your passing game and vice versa and you have an opportunity to play hardball every now and then,” Callahan said.

Burton might play a key role in Sunday’s game against San Francisco, especially since running back Chris Thompson missed his second practice this week with a foot injury. Also missing Thursday’s practice was cornerback Josh Norman, who has a thigh injury. Callahan said he hopes Norman might be able to practice on Friday and play on Sunday.

Others out Thursday were safety Deshazor Everett (ankle), linebacker Josh Harvey-Clemons (hamstring) and guard Wes Martin (chest). Tight end Vernon Davis, recovering from a concussion, was limited.

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