A three-week standoff resulting from Jalen Ramsey’s trade demand came to a close when Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan ended his opposition to a move, according to a report. The owner finally budged after Ramsey was unavailable last week to play against the New Orleans Saints.

Over the last few weeks, Ramsey had missed time because of the birth of his child, a flulike illness and a back injury. When he did not play last week despite being cleared by three doctors after dealing with his back injury, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Khan gave Tom Coughlin, the team’s executive vice president of football operations, the go-ahead to make a deal. Coughlin did so, sending Ramsey to the Los Angeles Rams on Tuesday for their 2020 and 2021 first-round picks and a fourth-rounder in 2021.

After missing the Jaguars’ last three games, Ramsey was active Sunday for the Rams against the Atlanta Falcons.

Although Ramsey had most publicly sparred with his coach, he described a fractured relationship with the front office as his biggest reason for wanting out of Jacksonville — seeming to point at Coughlin, while declining to name anyone specifically. During the 13-12 loss to Houston in Week 2, he and Coach Doug Marrone got into it on the sideline, but Ramsey told ESPN’s Ryan Clark that he and Marrone “always had a straight relationship.” Yahoo’s Charles Robinson had reported that the problem lay with Coughlin, an old-school former coach.

Ramsey said his relationship with the team deteriorated “when there was a front-office change” and “some guys were put in positions of power who didn’t care to understand, I guess you could say, this generation of guys — us as players or as people in general.” The only major front-office change during Ramsey’s three-plus years in Jacksonville came in 2017 when Coughlin was named to his position.

Ramsey claimed that “some guys in the front office” bad-mouthed him to the media when he decided to stay away from voluntary workouts. “I was basically portrayed, I guess you could say, as a bum, to be honest.”

He went on to add that “rubbed me the wrong way because that is not who I am.”

After the incident with Marrone, Ramsey was “called into a meeting,” he told Clark. I am not going to go into all the details of that meeting, but it was some front office guys in that meeting, about four guys, and myself. …

The disrespect got to another level in that meeting, and mind you, Coach Marrone wasn’t even in that meeting.”

It is unclear who was in the meeting, but Ramsey said, “It was a conversation as man that like, you are not going to talk to me this way. This tone you are talking to me in, you are not going to talk to me in this tone. The things you are saying, you are not going to say that, because you wouldn’t say this if we were in another space.”

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