The lucky sunglasses that became a symbol for the Washington Nationals’ improbable run to the World Series have also been just about impossible to acquire. Gerardo Parra and Aníbal Sánchez have worn the shades religiously since claiming them during a June trip to Detroit. But the shades were given out that day by Bubly, a sparkling water brand, and so even as Nats fans scoured the Internet, they remained unsure how to find them.

A World Series run, though, can change things. And so this weekend, Bubly will be giving away thousands of pairs of sunglasses to fans around Nationals Park. The company plans to give away sunglasses starting at 5:30 p.m. Friday evening at the Navy Yard Metro stop ahead of Game 3, and Saturday during the watch party festivities at the Capitol Riverfront ahead of Game 4.

Parra’s shades have clear rims with red lenses; Fernando Rodney and starting pitcher Aníbal Sánchez received pairs with yellow lenses, although Rodney misplaced his sunglasses. It’s not yet clear what color the giveaways will be this weekend.

While fans, and even teammates, initially assumed the sunglasses were some sort of designer model, the players had gotten them before a Tigers game, and then kept wearing them when the Nats kept winning.

“A lot of people ask for it, but I don’t know where they can find them or the production of those kind of glasses,” Sánchez said. “They’re special. That’s why we’re here.”

Parra’s pair started to break, but he fixed them with glue and has continued to wear them, although he’s been reticent to talk much about the good-luck charm.

“That’s a great story,” Parra he said. “We said, ‘Hey, starting today, we will try to bring good luck to the team.’ And we started to win.”

Bubly is far from the only company jumping onto baseball’s feel-good story as the Nationals inch closer to their first World Series title. Pinkfong, the Korean children’s entertainment brand responsible for turning the old camp song “Baby Shark” into a cultural phenomenon, announced Friday that the official Baby Shark mascot will distribute official Baby Shark toys at several stops throughout the District ahead of Game 3. Some local Boston Market restaurants have rebranded themselves “Baby Shark Market” this week. Local beverage distributor Capital Eagle hand-taped “Nationals” onto thousands of cans of Natty Seltzer, while local brewer DC Brau stamped a batch of its The Public ale with the tag, “Game 2 Stras Time.”

And the sunglasses are far from the only lucky charm for a team that also has lucky polo shirts, lucky stuffed animals and a lucky reggaeton hit.

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