The Washington Nationals paraded down Constitution Avenue on Saturday to celebrate the franchise’s first championship, and personalities of the team’s players were on full display.

On his bus, first baseman Ryan Zimmerman raised the Commissioner’s Trophy high. Manager Dave Martinez stood next to him, pumping his fist and waving to fans.

Sean Doolittle brought along his blue lightsaber, an item that has become ubiquitous in the team’s champagne-soaked clubhouse parties. Brian Dozier ended the day dancing shirtless to “Calma.”

It was all in a day’s work for the District’s quirky champions. Here’s a collection of the best quotes from the rally that concluded the parade.


Mike Rizzo, general manager

“They counted us out, they knocked us down, we had injuries early, we didn’t perform like we wanted to, but not one person pointed a finger, no anonymous quotes, no clubhouse lawyers, no backbiting. Loyalty. And that’s why we’re here today.”


Dave Martinez, manager

“I believed since Day 1 that this thing would turn around, that we had the group of guys that had the strength and the courage to make this thing turn around.”

“I’ve got players telling me, watch my heart. I got fans screaming at me: “Your heart, Davey! You heart, Davey!” I’m going to tell you something — all this right here has cured this heart.”

“Remember, 1-0. 1-0 is not over. 1-0 means waking up tomorrow and winning your day. Win your day.”


Anthony Rendon, third baseman

“We felt [Washington’s love], and that’s going to go a long way, don’t worry.”

Howie Kendrick, infielder

“[This team] taught me to love the game again. The city taught me to love baseball again.”

Ted Lerner, Nationals owner

“They say good things come to those who wait. 95 years is a pretty long wait. But I’ll tell you, this is worth the wait.”


“From now on, you can call me ‘Grandpa Shark.’ ”

Ryan Zimmerman, first baseman

“I truly believe this is the greatest city to play sports in the world.”

Sean Doolittle, relief pitcher

“Do you guys remember when we brought camels to spring training and everybody laughed at us? Who’s laughing now?”


Trea Turner, shortstop

“Can we bring back Anthony Rendon?”

Max Scherzer, starting pitcher

“You saw a group of guys come together like you’ve never seen before. Never in this town have you ever seen a team compete with so much heart and so much fight. … That’s why you have seen a World Series champion, because of the heart and fight that this team has.”

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