Doc Rivers was furious Wednesday night as he watched his Los Angeles Clippers fall to the Houston Rockets. He was so angry that he got ejected — at the request of his son, who knows you can’t spell father without a “T.”

Austin Rivers, who plays for Houston, urged referees to slap his dad with a second technical foul, saying “get him” with the Rockets leading, 96-88, with just over 90 seconds left in the game. And when Doc was good and got, no one was more amused than the kid. As the elder Rivers left the court, Austin Rivers gestured “call me” with his thumb to his ear. Austin, like most kids, knows full well his parents’ tell. (Hint: In Doc’s case, it’s “blinking his eyes fast.”)

Afterward, Austin acknowledged that there might be repercussions, joking with a tweet, “Welp .... Thanksgiving is going to be weird …”

However, not long after that, order seemed to have been restored, with Austin reminding everyone that a win is a win and love is love. “Great win. Love u pops.” Dad’s reply? “Hilarious … love you.”

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Great win. Love u pops

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Doc was ticked off because of a miscommunication over his remaining timeouts. Patrick Beverley was called for a technical, and with the Clippers down by eight, Rivers was told the timeout he had taken was his last. He had previously been told he had one left and Tony Brothers, the officiating crew’s chief, acknowledged afterward (via the Los Angeles Times) that “after it was determined the Clippers could not challenge the play they were incorrectly informed they would retain their timeout.”

“The officials can’t tell me that I get my timeout back and then have me use it and then tell me after the fact, ‘You don’t have it.’ That was big. Those mistakes cannot happen,” Doc Rivers said. “What bugged me the most is the two officials who told me, they ran over, away. They just let Tony Brothers handle it. Like that’s .... I mean c’mon. You can’t do that. You can’t do that.”

And did Austin enjoy the whole scene?

“I did,” he admitted.

“I knew it was coming,” Austin told reporters. “I’ve seen that look before, many times. Once he starts blinking his eyes fast … that’s when I know he’s about to level up, about to start telling Tony to get him. And they got him. He’s out of here. I was just trying to help out the situation. Listen, guys. I’m not a — I don’t ever like to escalate anything. … I’ve always been a peacemaker. That’s just 100 percent — Doc’s got to keep his cool.”

This was really nothing unusual, just a little give-and-go between two guys who relish some trash-talk, familial and otherwise. Still, the two “definitely take pride” in facing one another, Austin Rivers told the Houston Chronicle before the game. “I make jokes, but I’m very, very thankful. There’s guys here that don’t know their dad, let alone have a father in the same sport as him. That’s lucky, man. We’re healthy. We get to do this as a job. When we get to compete against each other, that’s a whole other thing. It’s pretty cool.”

He spent four seasons playing for his father and knows full well that Doc is the family’s trash-talker par excellence. “He says a lot,” Rivers said. “It’s more so, if I have the ball, he says you’re not going to make that shot. It doesn’t sound the same clean. I for sure say stuff back, especially if we win. If we lose, I’m not going to talk to him for like two weeks.”

The teams will meet again in Los Angeles on Nov. 22.

“I doubt we’ll go to dinner or anything like that. He actually is sensitive with stuff like that so we’ll see what happens,” Austin Rivers said after the game. “I love him, but it was a really good moment, though. I enjoyed it a lot. I’m like a lot of you [reporters], I really did enjoy it. It was fun.”

That’s all. Just fun.

“He won’t hold a grudge,” Austin said. “He’s been thrown out plenty of times before and I’m sure he’ll get thrown out one or two more times again.”

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