Washington Redskins safety Montae Nicholson placed a frantic call to the family of Julia Crabbe at 1:07 a.m. Thursday and told Crabbe’s brother something had gone wrong with the 21-year-old he had been dating. The family said Nicholson told them the young woman was overdosing.

“My son said: ‘Why are you calling me? You need to call 911 or take her to the hospital,’ ” said Herman “Butch” Crabbe III, Julia’s father.

The call touched off a push to save Julia Crabbe’s life, one that ultimately came up short. Crabbe was later pronounced dead at a Loudoun County hospital, a short distance from Nicholson’s home, and the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the circumstances leading up to it. The account of that night from Crabbe’s father is the first provided by her family, who wonder whether more could have been done to save her life.

Herman Crabbe said his daughter had been dating Nicholson for about six months. On Wednesday evening, Julia Crabbe had been out with her brother before she dropped her sibling off at her father’s house, Herman Crabbe said. Julia Crabbe drove off in Nicholson’s car, possibly heading toward Nicholson’s home.

Mark Dycio, an attorney for Nicholson, said his client would not be commenting but said Crabbe and Nicholson had gone out to dinner Wednesday night with some friends before going back to Nicholson’s home in an Ashburn townhouse community near the Redskins’ training facility. Nicholson later told Julia Crabbe’s brother that he and some people were playing video games on the lower level of his house when Julia Crabbe went upstairs to use a bathroom, Herman Crabbe said. At some point, Nicholson heard a thump, according to the account provided to Julia Crabbe’s brother.

Nicholson went upstairs and found Crabbe on the floor of the bathroom, according to the account provided to Julia Crabbe’s brother. The door had to be forced open because her body was blocking it.

At some point, Nicholson placed the call to Julia Crabbe’s brother.

Dycio said Nicholson and another man, who has not been identified, transported Julia Crabbe to the hospital after they found her around 1:30 a.m. Dycio said they thought it would be quicker than waiting for an ambulance because Inova Emergency Room-Ashburn Healthplex is close to Nicholson’s home. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office said Friday the men did not place a 911 call about Julia Crabbe, who arrived at the facility “unconscious and unresponsive.” She was soon pronounced dead.

Herman Crabbe said Nicholson and the other man waited at the hospital for about 30 minutes, meeting his son but leaving when police arrived. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office said the men left the area immediately after dropping off Julia Crabbe. Dycio, like Herman Crabbe, said his client waited on the scene for Julia Crabbe’s family to arrive.

Herman Crabbe said there are still big holes to fill in the story of what happened to his daughter. He still does not know how much time elapsed between when she collapsed and when Nicholson placed the call to his son.

“That’s the big issue,” Crabbe said. “What’s the timeline? When did you decide to make the call?”

Herman Crabbe said it also remains unclear what drug his daughter may have overdosed on and how she obtained the drug.

Crabbe said Narcan was administered to his daughter at the hospital, indicating she may have taken a narcotic. Crabbe said he searched his daughter’s room after her death and found a black substance in tinfoil, something he thought was heroin. Crabbe said the question of whether his daughter could have been saved if she had gotten help sooner gnaws at him.

Herman Crabbe said he has not heard from Nicholson since his daughter’s death. “Not a word,” Crabbe said. “The least you could do is to call me and apologize to me or tell me something.”

Herman Crabbe said his daughter modeled and worked at a hotel. “My daughter had the world in her hands, and she was very smart,” Herman Crabbe said. “I’m torn up right now. She got mixed up in something, and I wish I had known.”

Nicholson, who has missed the Redskins’ previous two games with an ankle injury, returned to practice Friday after missing Thursday’s session. Afterward, he dressed in the team’s locker room and shook his head when approached by reporters and declined to answer questions.

Interim coach Bill Callahan said early Friday afternoon that he had yet to speak to Nicholson about the incident.

“First off, a young lady lost her life, and our condolences and thoughts and prayers go out to her family and her friends, loved ones. That’s a sad situation,” Callahan said. “Relative to Montae and the legal process, we’re letting that play out right now. We’re getting more facts and information. As of right now, Montae practiced, he still is on the injury report, and we will see about tomorrow as we gather a little more info.”

Callahan would not say whether Nicholson will play in Sunday’s game against the New York Jets if he’s healthy enough to do so.

“Like I said, we’re still gathering information, and we’ll make that determination and decision as we move forward,” Callahan said.

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