A video camera captured Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins pleading with his offensive linemen Sunday, leaning into the group of players and asking: “What do I have to do to help you? What do I have to do?”

The Redskins were in the midst of a 34-17 loss to the New York Jets that wasn’t as close as the final score indicated. Washington fell to 1-9, and its offense didn’t find the end zone until the fourth quarter, breaking a streak of 16 straight quarters without a touchdown. Haskins was sacked six times during the defeat.

In the video, the linemen don’t appear particularly interested in listening to Haskins, with only right tackle Morgan Moses responding. The video has been viewed more than 2 million times, drawing a mixed reaction among fans and observers on social media.

Moses said Monday that Haskins’s words have been misunderstood. The rookie was not finger-pointing or placing blame, said Moses, who added that he and Haskins spoke on the phone after the game.

“It wasn’t him coming to us saying, ‘Hey you guys need to block better,’ ” Moses said. “It was him trying to figure out, he knows we’re a veteran group and we’ve seen a lot of things. The things that he can’t see, maybe we can see. I explained to him, like: ‘Hey, bro, we’re in a five-man protection and they’re bringing seven. There’s nothing that we can do.' We blocked the five, [but] there’s another two that’s free wherever they’re coming from. With that understanding, we have to have something in place to handle that.”

Haskins explained after the game that he was “trying to figure out the urgency” and “play the game with some passion.” He is not the first quarterback to be filmed having an animated sideline conversation with teammates, which can often draw praise from outside observers.

“There’s so many things that go into that, a sideline conversation or dialogue,” interim coach Bill Callahan said. “The main focus of that is protection-oriented and what he can do with protections and how he can help the line and what he can do better. I think that was the gist of the conversation. I make no more, no less of that. It happens all the time.”

Moses said he has a strong relationship with Haskins, adding that he feels some responsibility to help him out, given that the rookie faces challenging circumstances after former coach Jay Gruden was fired and with several key veterans hurt, all while facing outside criticism about his ability and how well he has absorbed the offense.

“He’s a young quarterback and he wants to be great. It’s a sucky situation,” Moses said. “I knew when he came over there his intentions. And everybody else might not have known, but I knew what he was asking. It wasn’t, ‘You guys have got to do better.’ It was, ‘Hey, help me feel this out because I need some direction.’ That’s what we’re here for, as veterans and guys that have been here and been in the league and seen all these exotic looks — to help him figure this out and figure it out together.”

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