Joe Marler, a player on England’s Harlequins rugby team, wasn’t beating a dead horse when he implored his teammates to get back in the saddle after a dispiriting 53-21 loss to Clermont Auvergne.

At least that’s what we think he was saying. In delightfully bizarre syntax, he managed to somehow impersonate a horse as he coaxed the lads to buck up to play Bath this weekend in a viral video interview.

“I wasn’t hurting as much as the lads who were out there, but I definitely felt it and I know how hard the boys have taken that. They will be disappointed with the account that we put out,” he began and with that he was off to the races.

“ … But we have got another week to get back on the horse, you know, and take that horse to the water. And you can ask that horse, you can say ‘hey, horsey, do you want to have a drink, or do you want to swim?’ It’s up to that horse to then realize what he wants to do in his life.”

He goes on to speculate that the horse wants to “say ‘hello’ to those fans at the Harlequin’s home field” and does an intriguing impersonation of a horse.

“And he goes ‘I’m sorry about the result last week, but I’m going to give a better performance here at home against Bath.’ He’s a slightly Irish horse. So we are looking forward, like I say, to getting back on that horse.”

But wait, there’s more! It seems he won’t be getting on that horse for the first club game in six months.

“I don’t like horses. I can’t ride.”

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