Hey, if you invite Rob Gronkowski to your party, at some point you probably should expect him to spike something. On Tuesday night, it happened to be a large Lego bust of Steve Harvey, who did not appear pleased at seeing it smashed to bits while he was hosting a New Year’s Eve show on Fox.

To add insult to injury, Gronkowski then kicked at the hundreds of pieces scattered on the stage above Times Square.

“Are you serious?” Harvey asked, in apparent disbelief. Turning away from Gronk, he asked, “I don’t wanna work with him no more. Why is he here?”

“Why are you here? What is wrong with you?” Harvey then asked the former New England Patriots tight end, before exclaiming, “You’re mentally imbalanced!”

The answer to Harvey’s question about why Gronkowski was there likely has to do with his post-NFL gig as an analyst for Fox Sports. He retired from the Patriots in March after helping them to their third Super Bowl win in nine seasons with the team, a career that almost certainly will land him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

As the Patriots went 12-4 this season but had some noticeable struggles on offense, Gronkowski dropped hints that he might return to the field. But he stayed retired and on the New Year’s Eve telecast he looked considerably leaner than during his playing days. The five-time Pro Bowler showed he still has the strength to perform powerful spikes as he laid waste to an impressive piece of Lego artistry that had been given to Harvey earlier on the show by co-host Maria Menounos.

Menounos claimed it was a belated Christmas present, but a likelier explanation is that it was meant to remind viewers of a Lego-related show premiering on Fox next month.

“Someone spent a lot of time on this,” Harvey said of the bust. “Someone is not employed — you got to have a lot of free time.”

Harvey appeared impressed with the gift, telling Menounos, “That’s pretty slick! That’s actually super fly, right there.”

Alas, the bust did not last long before getting busted up. After changing into a costume that made him look like an old-time football player, Gronkowski did to the Lego creation what he did to unfortunate pieces of pigskin after so many of his 92 NFL touchdowns.

“Gronk spike, baby!” he yelled, as a warning of the chaos soon to ensue. Harvey was left sputtering and trying to salvage some comedy with a rehash of a joke he made earlier — “You know how hard it is to get them brown Legos?!”

This was not the first time the two shared an awkward moment on TV. In 2015, Gronkowski and his clan appeared on a Harvey-hosted episode of “Celebrity Family Feud” when Harvey posed this puzzler: “Name something that can be inflated or deflated.”

Gronkowski steered clear of the “Deflategate” bait, saying, “I don’t even want this one, then I’m gonna have to answer questions all the time. … I’ll let you have this one.” Harvey replied, “Yeah, stay away from this one, kid.”

Almost three hours after the ball dropped in Times Square, Harvey posted a tweet with photos of the destructive moment and a comment in which he said he could not believe that Gronkowski “did this to LEGO Steve.” Harvey added, “Stay tuned!” in a signal to Fox’s West Coast viewers that a replay of the event was coming their way.

Later on Wednesday, Gronkowski posted an ad to his Twitter account touting fitness gear. When asked by another Twitter user, “Does it include lego bricks?” he only replied with a pair of laughing emoji.

As of this writing, Gronkowski had yet to reply to another Twitter user who chimed in with a request that he “settle a bet” by revealing whether the Lego spike was “planned or unplanned,” and whether Harvey was “in-the-know.” A spokesperson for Fox said the network had no comment on the incident.

As the Los Angeles Times noted, the official “New Year’s Eve on Fox” Twitter account posted and retweeted several photos and video clips of Harvey’s Lego bust, but none showing Gronkowski smashing it. That might suggest that network executives did not expect nor condone his act, in which case Gronk and Harvey might really have a feud on their hands.

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