His performance Sunday night in the Seattle Seahawks’ playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers was mostly likely the last performance by Marshawn Lynch in an NFL game and, if it was, Beast Mode dropped some advice for young players in his own distinctive way.

Lynch, who came out of retirement and scored four touchdowns in three games (one in the regular season, two in the playoffs), was very briefly available to the media after Seattle’s 28-23 loss.

“Look,” he said, “I’ll say like this though: This is a vulnerable time for a lot of these young dudes, you feel me? They don’t be taking care of their chicken right, you feel me? So if it was me, or if I had a opportunity to let these little young [players] know something, I’d say take care of y’all money, African, because that [expletive] don’t last forever now.”

Lynch spent his first four seasons with the Buffalo Bills, then played for six seasons for the Seahawks. After a trade to his hometown, he played for the Oakland Raiders for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. The 33-year-old running back had not played in 2019 before re-signing with the Seahawks, who needed help at running back in late December.

“I’ve been on the other side of retirement and it’s good when you get over there and you can do what the [expletive] you want to. So I tell y’all right now while y’all in it: Take care of y’all bread, so when y’all done you can go ahead and take care of yourself.

“So while y’all in it right now, take care of y’all’s bodies, take care of y’all’s chicken, take care of y’all’s mental. Because, look, we ain’t lasting that long. I had a couple players that I played with that they’re no longer here no more — they’re no longer — so you feel me? Take care of y’all mentals, y’all bodies, y’all chicken, so when y’all ready to walk away, y’all walk away and you’ll be able to do what y’all want to do.”

He also spoke to his teammates in the locker room after the game, in which he had 12 carries for 26 yards. “He just thanked us,” linebacker K.J. Wright said (via the Seattle Times). “It’s just, it’s all so surreal that it happened for him to come back, and to have a legend come back and look good was amazing. These past few weeks were great, just having him scoring each and every game. His presence was truly felt.”

Lynch wasn’t done there, either. He headed for the Packers’ locker room, determined to see Aaron Rodgers, a college teammate at California in 2004. They nearly were teammates again in 2010, when the Packers considered a trade for Lynch, then with the Buffalo Bills. In the locker room, Lynch offered Rodgers his No. 24 jersey and Rodgers gave him his No. 12. Then the two stepped into a side room for a private conversation.

“He is one of my all-time favorite teammates, and I only had to play one year with him,” Rodgers said (via ESPN). “But he has just an incredible personality and charisma, and he’s just so fun to be around. There was, obviously, conversation years ago about picking him up in a trade that fell through that would’ve been a lot of fun to play some more years together.

“But I just have a ton of respect for him in his career. He’s one of those transcendent players that is so likable and so respected by so many people, and I’m just fortunate to have gotten to play with him for a year. And so we were just catching up, talking about some silly stuff that happened back in the day and seeing where he’s at. He’s a lot of fun to be around, and it’s fun to see him.”