What’s a championship without a victory cigar?

After lighting up Clemson in college football’s national championship game Monday night, Joe Burrow and his LSU teammates fired up some cigars. They had enjoyed a smoke inside their Superdome locker room for around 15 minutes, AL.com reported, when a police officer informed them that anyone smoking would be subject to arrest. Players laughed, but the officer did not, according to reports.

The moment passed without further incident or arrest, and when Burrow, who had just completed a perfect 15-0 season with a stellar performance, emerged from the locker room to head for a news conference, he was still puffing away.

He grew emotional as he talked about the season, and as he headed back to his teammates, Coach Ed Orgeron advised him, “Take it easy on that cigar, boy!”

After passing for 463 yards and five touchdowns (and running for another score), the Heisman Trophy winner and presumed top pick in the NFL draft was pretty safe.

As if his performance during the season weren’t enough to draw headlines, Burrow became a national story on another level when, after winning the Heisman in December, he tearfully talked about the food pantry in his Athens, Ohio, hometown and people who are going hungry. His speech became a viral sensation, and the food pantry has received more than $500,000 in donations. After all of that, and his performance Monday night, Burrow, who had transferred to LSU after three years at Ohio State, was at a loss for words.

“I don’t know what else to say,” Burrow said. “There’s been so many people that have come into this — that helped me along my journey from Ohio, Louisiana, everywhere. We couldn’t have done it with a better group of guys.”

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