Super Bowl Squares have, in recent years, been supplemented by more exotic Super Bowl party betting options. So here’s a handy Super Bowl prop-bet contest that can entertain you and your guests if Sunday’s game starts slow, or ends in a blowout, or features worse-than-expected commercials.

There are 21 questions here, with two answers each, ranging from the frivolous (how long will Demi Lovato’s national anthem last) to the complicated (will there be at least one touchdown scored in every quarter) to the irrelevant (how long will the shortest made field goal be) to the ridiculous (will the total points scored be odd or even). Some questions will be decided within the first 30 minutes. Some will require watching the game until the very end.

The questions are mostly borrowed from various sports gambling sites, and most are given roughly 50-50 odds, making them virtual coin flips. Except for the coin flip, which is an actual coin flip.

So pass the quiz out to all your friends and follow along as the game goes on. Don’t forget to count Patrick Mahomes’s rushing yards, and Jimmy Garoppolo’s passing attempts, and the length of the game’s longest touchdown. Use total points as a tiebreaker, and don’t let this stop you from placing other bets on what color Gatorade the winning team will use, who will be the game’s MVP, whether a flea flicker will be attempted and whether And Reid or Kyle Shanahan will be the first coach shown during the national anthem.

We’ve already offered advice on the best Super Bowl prop bets, many of which didn’t fit into this format. We’ve also offered a groundbreaking look at the average return from a $1 bet on every combination of Super Bowl squares. (Okay, really, it’s just the best and worst squares to own.) We also have advice for picking the game’s winner and the over/under. And here are four bold predictions from John Clayton.

(Strictly for informational purposes, The Post’s Super Bowl crew has played this game two years in a row. None of the authors has yet won.)