INDIANAPOLIS — Members of the NFL’s competition committee spoke Sunday about the rule making pass interference calls and non-calls reviewable by instant replay, which is up for a renewal vote by owners this offseason after being in effect for the first time this past season.

Atlanta Falcons President Rich McKay, the committee’s chairman, said the competition committee is not yet ready to make a recommendation to the owners about whether the rule should be renewed.

“I want to wait,” McKay said. “I want to hear everybody out. I am one that votes in the best interests of the game. I think we all saw the frustration that we all had during the year. And I do think it began to get better. But I want to see it all and the total picture and not deal from emotion.”

Competition committee members spent Sunday, on their first day of meetings at the NFL scouting combine, watching all of the plays from the season on which interference calls and non-calls were reviewed by replay.

“You have a subjective standard … and you’re applying it to a subjective play,” McKay said. “So there’s going to be disagreement. So you have to decide from a cost-benefit analysis standpoint: Is this worth it? Are we getting enough bang for our buck as far as the game goes? And that’s one that the clubs have to answer that question. But I think we should do it and [make] our recommendation after we’ve looked at everything, walked away from it, looked at it one more time and had a lot of discussion about it. I don’t think we should just do it in a knee-jerk first day of watching 111 plays.”

Owners likely will take their renewal vote at the annual league meeting next month in Palm Beach, Fla. Last March, owners ratified the rule making interference calls and non-calls reviewable by replay on only a one-year trial basis. Last year’s vote came on the heels of the missed pass interference call in the NFC championship game in New Orleans that sent the Los Angeles Rams, rather than the Saints, to the Super Bowl to conclude the 2018 season.

Many coaches, players and fans expressed dissatisfaction this past season with how the new replay system operated. They criticized the lack of consistency, in their view, of the interference-related replay rulings made by the NFL’s officiating department in New York, overseen by Al Riveron. That could make it a long shot for the rule to be renewed this offseason.

McKay said he was not yet ready to share the results of the survey of the teams conducted this offseason by the competition committee. The committee will consider possible modifications to the rule, he said.

“Any time you do a one-year rule, as we did here, you’re always gonna put everything on the table, whether that is passing it as it was, modifying it or voting it out,” McKay said. “You’re gonna put it all on the table. There may be ideas. There may be things that come out of it: ‘Maybe we shouldn’t look at this. Maybe we should look at that.’ Who knows?”

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