The Los Angeles Chargers have the NFL’s most forlorn existence at the moment. They play in a part of the world that actively does not care about them and are soon to move into a Southern California stadium in which they’ll be a mere tenant of another, more glamorous NFL team. No one wants to buy tickets to watch them play, except maybe fans of the teams the Chargers happen to be playing that weekend, and other NFL owners are so worried about the team’s viability in the Los Angeles area that they’ve reportedly explored the possibility of moving the Chargers permanently to London.

For years, actually, one of the Chargers’ few redeeming qualities has been their uniforms, varying combinations and shades of blue and gold that just seem to work perfectly. And Tuesday, the team unveiled an updated set of threads that did nothing to change that fact.

The Chargers will wear the powder blue jerseys at home with pants in either white or gold. On the road, they’ll wear white tops. Los Angeles also will sport a royal blue Color Rush ensemble (second from right above) and a navy blue Color Rush look (at right above) on occasion.

The updated look brings back the 1960s-style helmet numbers, updates the team’s uniform fonts and enlarges the lightning bolts. It’s all about paying tribute to their roots as a team that began in the AFL as the Los Angeles Chargers.

“Quintessentially Southern California, the Chargers are relaunching what is very much an aspirational brand,” the team wrote on its website. “Drawing inspiration from California in the 1960s, we set up shop with Nike and the NFL to modify a classic. Staying true to Powder Blue and Sunshine Gold, we brought both colors to the forefront of the uniforms as a reflection of our diverse, outdoor culture. Whether it’s a Sunday cruising down the Venice Boardwalk or taking in the sights and sounds at the Olvera Street Marketplace, there’s an unmistakable energy that’s unique to Los Angeles.”

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