The Nevada State Athletic Commission will investigate why Max Rohskopf’s cornerman refused to stop Saturday’s UFC bout against Austin Hubbard after Rohskopf reportedly said to “call it” nine times in the rest period entering the third and final round, according to ESPN.

Commission inspector Charvez Foger stopped the fight on Rohskopf’s behalf after his chief cornerman, Robert Drysdale, refused to do so. Hubbard was awarded a second-round TKO.

Rohskopf, a former North Carolina State wrestler who was 5-0 entering Saturday’s lightweight bout, had agreed to fight Hubbard on short notice last week in a preliminary bout for UFC’s Fight Night in Las Vegas.

“That’s something we will take a look at,” Bob Bennett, commission executive director, told ESPN. “We might want to take disciplinary action on them. That doesn’t sound like they are looking out for a fighter. Obviously, he didn’t want to come out [and fight].”

Drysdale, a former UFC fighter, told ESPN that he doesn’t regret his decision to refuse his fighter’s request.

“I stand by what I did,” Drysdale said Saturday. “I expect excellence from the people I train because I love them. He wasn’t seriously hurt, and I felt he needed a mental push. I would expect the same from my coach.”

“I could tell he was broken,” Hubbard, 28, said after the fight. However, he said he did not expect Rohskopf to back out.

“I was surprised,” Hubbard said. “I never experienced that. I know I was hitting him clean, I was hitting him hard. I can’t blame him. He is a tough kid. He was taking them well. I could tell those were hurting him, though. … I could tell he was a little cloudy. I’m not surprised, and in my mind I was finishing that fight for sure.”

Rohskopf’s manager, Brian Butler, told ESPN there were multiple factors that led the 25-year-old rookie to want to stop the fight.

“Max suffered from fatigue due to the short-notice weight cut combined with a preexisting turf toe injury and was not able to overcome both,” Butler said. “Didn’t think the turf toe would become an issue, but combined with the fatigue he just could not keep going. He is going to take some time off to heal up.”

UFC President Dana White didn’t begrudge Rohskopf’s desire to bow out.

“In this f---ing sport, if you’re done, you’re done. You should absolutely be able to quit,” White said in a news conference after Saturday’s event. “I know that it’s frowned upon, but guess what? Anybody that would talk s--- about you quitting isn’t in there fighting.”

White added that Rohskopf had shown courage to agree to the fight on short notice.

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