Kickers are tough to rank correctly. Last season there were 10 kickers who finished among the top 12 at the position in eight or more games. Six of them went undrafted and just three were selected among the top five kickers. In other words, you were better off scouring the waiver wire for a viable player rather than stick with the one you selected on draft day.

Similar to the streaming defenses strategy, a better idea is to pick up a new kicker each week from a team that is expected to score an above-average number of points. Over the last three seasons, teams that scored between 0 and six points in a game produced 2.6 fantasy points from their kicker. Compare that to 9.3 fantasy points from a kicker on a team that scored 21 or more points and it is easy to see why you want a kicker from a high-scoring offense.

To determine which offenses are going to score the most points, we will use Pro Football Focus 2020 preseason rankings and look for weeks where that offense has the best chance to score a lot of points. For example, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the fourth-best offense per PFF, but their kicker, Ryan Succop, is going undrafted. He and the Bucs project to have a solid fantasy week in Week 10 against the Carolina Panthers, making Succop the perfect pick up that week.

After removing the 13 kickers who are mostly likely to be drafted in 12-team leagues, here is an ideal projected streaming kicker approach, based on the weekly NFL schedule.

Fantasy football regular season

Week 1: Tyler Bass (Buffalo Bills) vs. New York Jets

Week 2: Stephen Gostkowski (Tennessee Titans) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 3: Austin Seibert (Cleveland Browns) vs. Washington Redskins

Week 4: Sam Sloman (Los Angeles Rams) vs. New York Giants

Week 5: Sam Sloman (Los Angeles Rams) vs. Washington Redskins

Week 6: Graham Gano (New York Giants) vs. Washington Redskins

Week 7: Sam Sloman (Los Angeles Rams) vs. Chicago Bears

Week 8: Austin Seibert (Cleveland Browns) vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Week 9: Michael Badgley (Los Angeles Chargers) vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Week 10: Ryan Succop (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) vs. Carolina Panthers

Week 11: Jason Myers (Seattle Seahawks) vs. Arizona Cardinals

Week 12: Tyler Bass (Buffalo Bills) vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Week 13: Jason Myers (Seattle Seahawks) vs. New York Giants

Week 14: Jason Myers (Seattle Seahawks) vs. New York Jets

Week 15: Sam Sloman (Los Angeles Rams) vs. New York Jets

Week 16: Jason Myers (Seattle Seahawks) vs. Los Angeles Rams