John Daly has visited President Trump at the White House and, not surprisingly, the two have played golf together. On Thursday, Daly not only showed his support for Trump on social media, he did in person, as well, at the presidential debate in Nashville.

The two-time major winner attended the debate, where he sat next to another celebrity supporter of the president, Kid Rock. Not long after the two settled into their seats at Belmont University’s Curb Event Center, they were reportedly asked to put on masks. Daly and Kid Rock complied, but to judge from a number of photos taken of them, they weren’t always assiduous in keeping them pulled up.

The masks were around the chins of Daly, clad in a stars-and-stripes jacket, and Kid Rock in a selfie the former shared to social media during the debate. “Beyond blessed to watch one of best @realdonaldtrump,” Daly wrote in a caption.

“TRUMP MTHA F---AS,” the 54-year-old PGA Tour veteran added.

Earlier in the day, Daly was spotted at a Marriott hotel in Nashville where a Trump fundraiser was taking place. As with Kid Rock, who was also at the hotel, neither was wearing a mask, in an apparent change from previously stated positions.

In April, Kid Rock shared a photo of himself with a face covering, adding the message, “Stay home. Stay safe. And if you must go out, wear a mask.” Daly shared a similar photo in July and told his followers, “Don’t be a Maskhole Wear Ur Mask!”

In explaining in August why he withdrew from the PGA Championship, held at San Francisco’s TPC Harding Park, Daly expressed concern about the coronavirus. “California now #1 in cases/deaths, I had knee surgery, I’m a diabetic & I don’t feel comfortable flying,” he tweeted at the time. “Being too close proximity to even small crowds & risk exposure with my health not worth it!”

Daly has also used social media in the past to pay homage to Trump. After playing a round with the president in August 2019, he tweeted, “I’m proud to be an AMERICAN, especially w/this man leading our country! One of the greatest days of my life! Thx you for a great day #potus #dad … you are the best!”

In an interview with TMZ Sports shortly after that outing, Daly defended Trump against accusations that the president regularly cheats at golf.

“It’s funny how these people say, ‘Does he cheat?’ Well, when he goes out and plays, if he hits a bad shot, he might hit a mulligan, but he doesn’t count it when we’re playing the match,” said Daly. “He’s the most energetic 73-year-old man I’ve ever met in my life, and all he wants to do is protect us and our country.”

The five-time PGA Tour winner also took the opportunity to contrast Trump’s golfing tendencies with those of a previous White House resident who, like Daly, has strong ties to Arkansas.

“It’s just amazing that people call [Trump] a cheat in golf,” Daly said. “You wanna call a cheat in golf? I’ll tell you, Bill Clinton, he took a mulligan on putts, chips, when I played with him. I don’t think Bill Clinton could’ve broken 100. At least the president, Mr. Trump, he can shoot 80. 78 to 84, probably.”

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