Washington Post Sports Columnist Tom Boswell answers your questions about the Washington Football Team, Capitals, Nationals, Wizards and more.

Editor’s note: After 52 years of service, Boz is retiring at the end of June. The Post would love to hear from you, the readers, about what makes Tom special. Please take a moment to share your thoughts here.

Note from Boz: My apologies. A technical glitch on my end in the chat format has been “eating” but not publishing answers to questions since 11:05. Further evidence of the excellent timing of my retirement? Don’t worry --not that you were-- my "normal 3-hour chat will, I guess, just be 90 minutes today unless my miracle-working producer can recover the answers which I’ve sent to Mars. [miracle-working producer was able to recover the answers from Mars]

Here we go (go-go-go)...