After both an enthralling and tedious MLB postseason, we’ve been left with this: the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves in the World Series, with Game 1 Tuesday night in Houston pitting (former Astro) Charlie Morton against Houston’s Framber Valdez. You all had tons of questions — and requests for predictions — but before we get to that, here’s how I predicted the playoffs would go following the wild-card games:

Dodgers over Giants. (Correct.)

Brewers over Braves. (Wrong.)

Rays over Red Sox. (Wrong.)

Astros over White Sox. (Correct.)

Dodgers over Braves. (Wrong.)

Red Sox over Astros. (Wrong.)

Luckily, we had Chelsea Janes, The Post’s national baseball writer, join in today to correct my wayward thinking and help answer your questions about this matchup, Dusty Baker’s legacy, Houston’s complicated history and Atlanta’s surprising run.

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