NFL teams don’t often make back-to-back picks in the first round of the draft, let alone in the top 10. Entering their Week 13 games, however, three teams are in just that position — and all consecutively, no less.

If the season ended Friday, the New York Jets would be on the clock at Nos. 4 and 5, the New York Giants at 6 and 7 and the Philadelphia Eagles at 8 and 9.

The order of those picks almost certainly will change before the end of the season, but thanks to trades made over the past couple of years, all three teams and their fans are experiencing an unusual state of mixed emotions: frustrated about how poorly they are doing but delighted at the misfortune of other teams whose first-round picks are in their possession.

“I think it’s a really pleasant surprise for Jets fans who don’t have a lot of stuff to root about these days,” said Joe Caporoso, who owns and manages Turn on the Jets, a blog focused on the team.

That the Jets are on track for a top-five pick is no great shock, given how poorly the talent-deficient team has played in recent years. However, it was hard to expect that the Seattle Seahawks, who sent two first-round picks to New York last year as part of a package for Pro Bowl safety Jamal Adams, would be right there with them in the cellar. The Jets and Seahawks sport identical 3-8 records, and the Seahawks’ pick is actually the higher of the two because Seattle has faced an easier strength of schedule.

At 4-7, the Giants aren’t faring much better, but neither are the equally mediocre 4-7 Chicago Bears, who handed over their 2022 first-round pick to move up in the 2021 draft and select quarterback Justin Fields.

To Edward Valentine, editor in chief of the Giants blog Big Blue View, knowing that extra help is on the way in the form of Chicago’s upcoming draft slot “provides a terrific ray of hope.”

The 5-7 Eagles actually have two first-round picks from other teams in addition to their own. One is from the 5-7 Miami Dolphins, following a draft-day deal this past spring in which Miami moved up to No. 6 to select wide receiver Jaylen Waddle, and the other will convey from the 6-6 Indianapolis Colts following a February trade for quarterback Carson Wentz. That trade stipulated Philadelphia would get a second-round pick that could change to a first-rounder if Wentz plays at least 70 percent of his team’s snaps this season and the Colts made the playoffs or he played 75 percent of their snaps regardless of how Indianapolis’s season played out. Through 12 of 17 games, Wentz has barely left the field for the Colts, so the Eagles are all but assured of getting the coveted draft-pick upgrade, which as of now is positioned at 14th overall.

As an indication of how interested Eagles fans were in tracking the status of their potential windfall, a Twitter account, @WentzSnaps, sprung up in September to provide weekly updates. In some ways, Eagles fans who soured on Wentz over the course of his three tumultuous final seasons in Philadelphia now have the best of both worlds. Given that they are directly invested in the consequences of his play this season, they have at least one good reason to root for him to fail.

As a safety, Adams has less of an impact on the overall fortunes of the Seahawks than Wentz does on those of the Colts, but Jets supporters might not be far behind their Philadelphia counterparts in wishing him less than the best of luck in his new home. Noting the efforts in 2019 by the former No. 6 pick to get himself traded away from New York, Caporoso said by phone this week that Adams was “probably among the least popular players in the NFL for Jets fans.”

Presumably, Jets fans have nothing in particular against Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson — some may even be hoping the occasionally disgruntled star gets traded to New York — but his injuries this season and uncharacteristic inability to move the Seahawks’ offense are helping produce a return on the Adams trade that they didn’t envision. With the second of the Seattle first-rounders still in hand (the first was used in this year’s draft at No. 23), Jets fans are experiencing an enjoyable change of pace in hoping to see a different franchise, rather than their own, keep losing as it comes down the stretch.

Last year, some fans were outright mad, Caporoso said, when the previously winless Jets won games in December against the Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland Browns to take themselves out of the running for the No. 1 pick and a shot at touted quarterback prospect Trevor Lawrence. Now, with rookie quarterback Zach Wilson in place along with a new head coach, Robert Saleh, who replaced the widely loathed Adam Gase, the Jets’ fan base is less interested in tanking, Caporoso said. The team may again end up with a lousy record, anyway, but having the Seahawks’ pick is “definitely a silver lining,” he said.

The Giants could have had Fields instead of trading back and letting the Bears nab the former Ohio State star, but Valentine said most fans of the team “understand that was never within the realm of possibility” because New York was committed to giving quarterback Daniel Jones, the No. 6 pick in 2019, at least one more season. It may not be a matter of rooting against Fields and Andy Dalton, who have shared quarterbacking duties for Chicago this season, but there is plenty of motivation to engage in some scoreboard watching, Valentine said via email.

“Having two potential top-10 picks could be franchise-changing,” he wrote, “and it is exciting to think about.”