Legal sports betting is booming. Let us be your guide.

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Sports betting has become an unavoidable part of the fan experience, from the incessant advertisements during game broadcasts to the odds flashing beneath highlight packages to the gleaming sportsbooks sprouting up next to or even inside arenas.

The numbers, names and notifications can be confusing and overwhelming. We’re here to help.

Odds Against will guide you through this expanding landscape with how-to advice, accountability journalism and user-friendly explanations, no matter your level of familiarity with betting on sports.

Where did the gambling gold rush come from, and where is it heading? What are the pitfalls to avoid for sports fans ready to wade into unfamiliar terrain? How can both casual and experienced bettors make smarter choices? How are states handling this burgeoning industry, and how are the largest companies angling for a bigger market share? What is the safest, savviest way to navigate a hobby that can be both enjoyable and treacherous?

The odds are against you. But Odds Against is on your side.

How to get started

Never placed a sports bet and don’t know where to begin? Here are some basics for the novice sports gambler.

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Tips for betting smarter

Betting analyst Neil Greenberg offers six tips for becoming a smarter sports bettor.

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A state-by-state guide

Is sports betting legal where you live? Our map covers the rules and regulations in every state.

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The path to legality

A history of sports gambling in the United States, from its Nevada roots to the 2018 Supreme Court ruling that led to widespread legalization.

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The truth about parlays

Sportsbooks want you to bet on parlays. Our expert explains why you should usually avoid them.

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Mistakes to avoid

These common mistakes trip up many sports bettors. Here’s what experts say you should avoid.

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The best and worst apps

Our reporter tested all of the major sports betting apps. Here’s what you should know about each.

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A winning strategy

One type of bet, used correctly, has proven to be a successful NFL gambling strategy: Teasers. Here’s how to use the approach.

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Numbers to know

These are the key numbers every bettor should keep in mind before placing a wager on a football game.

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