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What would represent a good season for the Commanders? Your questions, answered.

Every Tuesday at 1 p.m. Eastern time, Barry Svrluga takes your questions. (Simone Noronha for The Washington Post)

Kickoff. Is. Finally ...


The Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams kick off the NFL season Thursday night in what is absolutely a marquee matchup — a team with Super Bowl aspirations playing at the Super Bowl champs.

Three Super Bowl longshots worth a careful look

But we have all sorts of issues to discuss — nationally and locally. To help me out, I’ve enlisted The Post’s Adam Kilgore — whose Monday morning reading on the NFL has become essential. Please bring your questions about the Washington Commanders, as well as the NFL writ large, and we’ll try to divvy up answers between the two of us.

Here are some of the questions we answered:

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Thomas Floyd, an editor for The Post’s Sports section, produced this Q&A.