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NFL playoffs highlights Jaguars’ epic comeback caps postseason’s first day

Trevor Lawrence led the Jaguars' 27-point comeback to beat the Chargers on Saturday night. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The tortured history of the Los Angeles Chargers ran headlong Saturday night into the burgeoning legend of Trevor Lawrence, a 23-year-old study in poise, resilience and the importance of quality conditioner.

Lawrence’s slapstick nightmare of a first half yielded to a blissful exhibition of quarterback play in the second. The Jacksonville Jaguars sailed into the divisional round on a magic carpet. The Chargers — cursed regardless of personnel, coach or even home city — surveyed the wreckage and contemplated a future in which everything must be questioned.

The Chargers have endured playoff heartbreaks so ingrained they require only one image to open the wounds: Nate Kaeding’s shank, Marlon McCree’s fumble, Philip Rivers’s torn ACL. Saturday night may have topped them all.