(Courtesy of Enes Kanter)
(Courtesy of Enes Kanter)
Since emerging as one of Turkey’s most vocal political dissidents after a failed coup in 2016, Kanter, 27, has cultivated almost his own caucus among U.S. lawmakers.
In a 74-55 victory over Fairfield, four players reached double digits for the sixth-ranked Terps, led by a game-high 17 points from Jalen Smith.
Lawyer for Redskins player said the drugs belonged to a guest and his client had no knowledge of them.
All match penalties carry with it an ejection and an automatic suspension pending review by the NHL office.
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The Cavaliers beat Washington-Liberty in straight sets to advance to the state title match for the first time.
The Raiders blitzed host Blacksburg in straight sets to advance to Friday’s Class 4 championship match against Grafton.
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The top four has been solid for consecutive weeks. The question remains which team will rise should one of the prospective semifinalists falter over the regular season’s final weeks.
Mark Walton might be out of chances in the NFL after his fourth arrest this calendar year.
Bobby Webster's "best of both worlds" mentality is helping to guide his organization through the identity overhaul prompted by Kawhi Leonard's departure.
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Brady, 42, has been trending down for a few seasons, but this year's declines are striking.
Doty is so good people used to think he was cheating. His new challenge isn't in the game though: it's time management.
Monday marked one year since the Redskins quarterback suffered a devastating leg injury.
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Outside of the East champs, the NFC playoff field already appears to be set.
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Patriots drop to second followed by Seahawks, 49ers and Packers.
Mona scored five points Saturday against Oakland, enjoying the fruits of his work behind the scenes.
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The latest loss gives Washington a better than 50-50 chance of picking in the top two spots of the 2020 NFL draft, with a one in three chance of picking first overall.
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The organization has never valued consistent hard work, and that has resulted in its current failures.
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