Allison Bagot is one of the nine finalists in The Washington Post’s Greatest D.C. Sports Fan Contest. For Round 1, we asked our contestants to tell us what one thing they would change about one of D.C.’s professional sports teams. Read Allison’s response below, then tell us in the comments if you think she should be one of the six finalists to continue to the next round of competition.


I remember holding my dad’s hand. I was shuffled through a heavy metal contraption, a turnstile that took both hands to push through. On the other side I was greeted by a friendly old man in an apron, he handed me a box, free of charge. We got to our seats, I open it and all of a sudden it’s Christmas in July. So began my life long love affair with promotional giveaways.

Games featuring un-sexy opponents like the Milwaukee Bucks, or Columbus Blue jackets, are sure to sell a few extra tickets when a bobble-head is promised to the first arrivals. A change that should be made is to give back to Redskin fans, through an increase in promotional giveaways. It is a simple, cost effective, team spirit enhancing change that will also appeal to a younger generation of fans.

In recent years the cost of attendance is more often than not unrewarded by victories. Team paraphernalia is always a good thing. It is something that I personally love receiving, promotes the team and boosts morale even in times of hardship. The Nats do it, United does it, the Wizards do it, and even the Caps have promotions, proving it is not just for teams under .500.

I should take note of the game delaying seat cushion incident of the Atlanta Falcons playoff game in 1992. But let me refute that with the fact that no one would make a big deal of hats on the ice if Ovi were to hat trick on hat giveaway day. Fan appreciation giveaways that are publicized would ensure early attendance at games. When fans are in their seats earlier it leads to a home field advantage and better concession sales (hear that Mr. Snyder?).

With the drama of staffing changes, and lockout stress, fan loyalty in the Nation’s Capital deserves to be rewarded. I speak for all fans that would enjoy a few Redskins Rally towels, T-shirts, or bobble-heads. I think this professional sports franchise can be improved by further expansion of giveaways and promotions.

Weigh In: Tell us what you think of Allison’s argument in the comments. Our judges will choose six of the nine finalists to advance to Round 2 based on a combination or your comments and their opinions. Does Allison deserve to advance? Why or why not?

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