Chris Own gets a ride off the practice field at Redskins Park. (Cliff Owen/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Chris Wilson reached into his locker, past the worn T-shirt hanging on a hook, and grasped his proud possession.

The burgundy and gold ribbon was attached to a gold medal. It’s the Olympic spirit, Wilson said. But, in the place of a torch was a microphone.

“I’m the rap champion,” Wilson said. “A couple of guys had the nerve to step up and challenge me, but I won the battles.”

Wilson’s stiffest competition was Fred Davis, but Wilson said he still won by a comfortable margin. Earlier this month, the players rap battled over instrumental beats. This was the first year the team did this, but Wilson said everyone always knew who the champ was.

An outside linebacker, Wilson is back for his fifth Redskins camp after spending last year away from football. He was cut by Philadelphia late in training camp and watched the season from his Virginia home. A bit of a long shot to latch on here, Wilson’s best odds are on special teams. The five-year-veteran said he’s willing to do anything the staff asks and aims to show he still has fresh legs.

With the help of his wife, Sharena, Wilson formed the CSW Faith Foundation, which strives to cultivate positivity in Wilson’s home town of Flint, Mich. The eastern Michigan town has been hit hard by the recession.

Wilson said it’s important for young people to have the necessary tools to be successful in academics and athletics. The foundation coordinates football and basketball camps that stress academics, life skills and ministry work.

“We want to put a pillar in the city that kids can come to and see that despite all that’s going on around us in the city, you can still do it,” Wilson said.

Although he’s the rap champion, Wilson said he prefers not to battle and instead enjoys recording his own tracks. He even played one of his songs for District-area rapper Wale.

“It’s funny when people see this thing, they want it so bad that they try to take it from me,” Wilson said. “They go about it in a battling type of way and I have to put them back in their place.”