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Well, except for UCF.

As quarterbacks transfer throughout college football, embattled Terp remained steadfast in College Park.

Collin Richards pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in June.

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Safe Bet: Vegas set to bid to host numerous NCAA events

Las Vegas is set to bid on nearly a half dozen different NCAA championship events, including women’s basketball

Florida State names Blackman starting QB

Florida State names James Blackman winner of three-man quarterback competition

Collins to unveil Georgia Tech’s ‘complete transformation’

Georgia Tech first-year coach Collins set to unveil ‘complete transformation’ against No. 1 Clemson

The Terrapins will begin their conference slate against Illinois and Penn State in December.

Two games to whet your appetite for the real deal over Labor Day weekend.

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College football loves rankings. So what about its best and worst ticket values?

  • Patrick Stevens
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As the sport turns 150 years old this fall, here's a look at the former powerhouse that gave it up.

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The billion-dollar revenue of the College Football Playoff are driven by the players, and yet the system feeds everyone to excess except for them.

Heading into the season, Coach Michael Locksley said his team has seven offensive linemen who “we feel really good about, that we can count on.”

The two-time NBA MVP is giving a seven-figure donation to cover the cost of Howard’s golf program for six years at a time when similar programs at HBCUs are struggling to survive.

The Tigers and Crimson Tide seem to have a permanent hold on the top spots.

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Let’s briefly celebrate our republic’s autumn Saturday passion.

The Navy coach and his team assist the Utes in surprising his son, Ali'i, with a scholarship after the Broadneck High alum spent his first two seasons at Utah as a walk-on.

Bruce Miller learned he had earned a scholarship by announcing the news before the Ravens-Packers preseason game.

Billy Napier says it's a matter of "gratitude."

Ellis McKennie is best known for his response to the death of his friend Jordan McNair. His desire to leave an impact guides his aspirations for the future.

Everybody, from sports teams to athletes, wants a trademark these days.

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Disney World rules will make the show completely unrecognizable.

The junior transferred from Virginia Tech with the understanding he would switch to defensive back from wide receiver. But he has no problem with having switched back after spring practice.

Sports nutritionists are a staple on major college football staffs but new at Navy, which presents some challenges unfamiliar to most other programs.

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