At 5 feet 9 and 170 pounds, Maryland junior Curtis Holmes has the ability to dominate a lacrosse game. In a 16-11 victory over Georgetown at the Multi-Sport Field on Friday night, Holmes won 13 of the first 17 faceoffs.

The stretch culminated in a goal by freshman Jay Carlson for an 11-4 lead with 6 minutes 4 seconds left in the third quarter. To that point, the Hoyas (0-1) had stretches without taking a shot, let alone scoring, of 3:37, 3:55, 6:56, 4:23 and 4:45.

Holmes won 19 of 20 faceoffs in a season-opening win over Hartford last week. He also won 21 of the final 25 faceoffs in a victory over the Hoyas last year.

“We knew coming in their faceoff guy was going to be a handful,” Georgetown Coach Dave Urick said. “When they possess the ball like that, it equates to us playing a whole lot of defense. . . . I think we can play better, but we dug a hole for ourselves.”

Seniors Michael Shakespeare and Joe Cummings each had three goals for Maryland and Cummings added two assists. On offense, the Terrapins used a simple approach: They initiated play from behind the goal with players who were defended by one of the two shortstick defenders.

“We were practicing all week that we could exploit them behind the goal,” Shakespeare said. “It worked out in the first quarter and we kept going back to it.”

The Terrapins (2-0) took their largest lead at 16-5 following a goal by Carlson with 6:32 to play. The Hoyas finished the game by scoring on seven of their final nine shots, though four of the goals came against Maryland’s backup goalie.

Georgetown redshirt sophomore Tyler Knarr won 11 of 13 faceoffs but he did not take his first faceoff until his team trailed 11-4. Junior Brian Casey added three goals for the Hoyas but leading returning goal scorer Travis Comeau, also a junior, was held to no goals and one shot by Maryland sophomore Michael Ehrhardt.

The game was the second-to-last scheduled meeting between Maryland and Georgetown in any sport for the foreseeable future.

The last will come when the schools play in women’s lacrosse on April 25 in College Park. Earlier this week, Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson said Maryland would not schedule Georgetown in any sport until Georgetown agreed to play Maryland in men’s basketball. Such a game is not in the offing.

The schools had played in men’s and women’s lacrosse, women’s basketball, men’s soccer and swimming and also scrimmaged in women’s soccer.

Georgetown had played Maryland in its season opener in men’s lacrosse in seven of the past eight years.

According to a Georgetown official, it is virtually certain Navy will move into the spot being vacated by Maryland next year.

Overall, the end of the series with Maryland end may not be bad news for Hoyas lacrosse. Dating from 2003, Maryland has defeated Georgetown by scores of 14-5, 13-6, 10-4, 11-6 and 20-8.